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Simple games to boost your kid’s coding skills

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Education enthusiasts everywhere are saying that there is no minimum age to teach your kid programming. We will go over some ways to help you get your kid’s coding logic going without teaching them an actual programming language.

Targeted playing can help your kid develop programming logic and strengthen their alternative thinking. You just have to choose or design a set of activities to help deliver the required content in the form of play.


Playing is one of the most important means through which children learn and develop. It helps to build their mental and intellectual abilities and their ability to overcome and solve problems. Knowing this, we can find ways to mix playing with programming.

Programming through playing can be achieved by numerous ways, all of which will have similar outcomes for your kids. Kids develop their language skills and grow confident in various concepts as they learn programming languages. Learning to program also develops children's social skills, creativity, and emotions. It gives them a sense of adventure and teaches them to solve problems, deal with others, and participate in group activities.

Are all games suitable?

Is giving our children computer games the answer? Of course not. Although games are found to boost creativity, problem solving, and alternative thinking in children, not all games have equal impacts. In fact, many games are a waste of kid’s time. These games will leave your kid addicted to sitting in front of the screen without giving them any real benefit.

There are many types of activities that can help your kid’s logic abilities develop like games that involve building blocks that are used to create something. This could be a creating certain shape, a solution to a brain teaser or a puzzle, or simply building a world. Minecraft is a good example of a building game, although there are offline variants that rely on just simple physical cubes.

Scenario games can have a special effect on children’s thinking abilities. This type of game boosts creativity because it helps kids think of an outcome and visualize it before it happens. They must then take the necessary actions to promote or prevent that outcome.

RoboGarden fuses these gameplay elements and more together in carefully selected scenarios with great graphics and gameplay. There are lots of missions to solve. Some are sequential and some are not. All of them are more than capable of keeping your kid interested and excited about what will come next. Give it a try today and let your kid’s coding career begin.

Importance of coding education learning while playing Minecraft



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