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Companies have recently begun to use social media to gain a larger audience in an organic way. In other words, companies are engaging with clients to drive interest in their products. Social media is now embedded in almost everyone’s daily lives. It has grown beyond our expectations in a very short time, and is used now to control marketing, user reviews, brand ratings, focus and study groups, and more. In the future, social media will continue to evolve and surprise us.

As new technologies become mainstream, online businesses must embrace new strategies to keep up. It’s difficult to predict how social media will evolve from what we know today. Artificial intelligence is already taking a bigger role in social media for many businesses. Chat bots have flooded social media and websites, chatting with customers from different backgrounds in various languages and handling numerous requests. These bots can book appointments, take reservations, put in orders, and run ads.

Online stores and their customers are now more connected than ever. Consumers love to share their accomplishments on social media and receive responses for those milestones. Ecommerce has tapped into that love of sharing.

In 2016, it was found that 89% of unsolicited social media messages got ignored. This is a challenge for social media marketers, who reach consumers through messages and comments. On the other hand, consumers expect fast responses to their messages. Thus, there is a heightened demand for chat bots, which can respond to incoming social media messages.

Facebook Messenger, for instance, uses over 100,000 chat bots to gather information, give product guidance, and take orders. It has been shown that chat bots can increase a business’s organizational productivity by up to 350 percent, and many businesses are taking advantage.

Do chat bots really help online businesses? The short answer is yes. They provide better customer care and more engagement with users than human employees can. The presence of chat bots has been a big reason that pushes people to choose social media to shop, review products, and find insights.

No matter of the type of the industry, the size of the company, or the products and services being sold, it is always important to be familiar with upcoming trends. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, no one can be exempted from this rule of thumb. Being comfortable with the ever-evolving influence of technology, particularly social media, is a vital skill for all jobs.


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