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Teachers Appreciation Week; Let’s Give Back to Teachers

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This year has been different for all of us around the world, every single person is experiencing something totally different at work due to the rules set by COVID-19. May is the month we appreciate the hard work of two important professions; nurses and teachers. With the shutdown of schools, teachers have been exerting a lot of effort to cope with the new online education situation and manage to handle their students, so this is the right time to say: thank you!

Teachers Appreciation Week May 2020

For a long period of time, celebrating the great men and women in the education sector who are dedicating their skills and passion to their students have been a must. Teachers are celebrated all year long by parents, but appreciating them publicly happens in the first week of May every year. This year, Teachers Appreciation Week is between 4 and 8 May, with May 5 being Teacher Appreciation Day.

Appreciating the Hard Work of Teachers in 2020

2020 is definitely a different year, everything has been shut down for a period of time before some of them reopened once again, but there are places which are still closed, such as schools, putting more load on its people, teachers and students, to handle the situation and manage to learn virtually. Online education has sometimes been a choice but by students who are old enough to handle themselves and take courses via the internet, but for students who are still young and who will need interaction and communication with their teachers, we have to say that it is a little bit hard.

It’s not that COVID-19 was the reason for parents to receive a wakeup call in order to appreciate the teachers of their children, because we have to say that teachers actually changed the lives of millions of students around the world, but this year, they have gone an extra mile. Students love what they learn because of their teachers, they become passionate about specific things because the love for these things is transmitted from their teachers, they know how to think, speak, deal with situations, and do a lot of things because they followed the tips their teachers have shared; these are enough reasons to let us all stand saluting those precious people.

This year, we can’t celebrate in schools or in person because “our closeness is in our distance”, so we want to thank our kids’ teachers in some other creative ways. Here are a couple of things to do as an appreciation act for the teachers you know:

  • Say ‘Thank You’ on Camera!
  • This is the easiest and one on top of the head; thank your children’s teachers on camera. Your kids are already meeting up virtually with their teachers for the online classes, so why not prepare a small surprise on camera for them? It could be a little celebration from your side with cake and balloons, and it could be a well-prepared, written paper to read out for them with the kids. It’s your choice, just make sure that you deliver your message.

  • Send Them a Card Through Email
  • It always feels good when it comes to the real cards that you hold and read the words hidden inside, but because of the strict rules of avoiding contact with people and choosing to stay at home, you could still prepare a card, let your child write his/her words inside, and then just scan it or take a picture of it and send it over to the teacher via email, it will still be a pretty good surprise for them! Always remember that the little gestures leave the biggest memories and impressions. This way, you will not only be preparing a thank you gift for the teachers with your kids, but you will be spending some quality time doing different activities during the quarantine.

  • Prepare a Video Beforehand
  • Saying ‘thank you’ could happen through different ways, but most importantly, words should always be true. One of the interesting ways to thank the teachers of your children through is by preparing a video beforehand, this video could be about millions of different things; your kids could tell you why they love their teacher, you could appear in the video thanking the teacher for their effort with your kids, you could try to collaborate with the students and parents of the rest of the class and prepare something bigger; there are different ideas, all you have to do is get a camera, let your child speak, and just send it over to their teacher.

  • A Handmade Craft
  • Who doesn’t love specialized handmade crafts? Almost nobody! It’s true, we are not supposed to gather or meet people in order to make sure that we are all staying safe, but sometimes passing or sending gifts could happen (although not much preferred). One of the ideas which you could go far if it’s okay for you and the teacher is to let your child prepare a special handcraft for them and deliver it to their doorstep. This would be one of the things that teachers would definitely appreciate and love.

  • Sending Messages Through Cars
  • Going for a walk around the house or taking the car for a drive are things that people are still allowed to do in order to beat the boredom of staying at home 24 hours and also to get some fresh air. While you are thinking about a gift which you want your kids to give to their teachers as some kind of appreciation, you could just let your kids write their ‘thank you’ notes on card boards, do all the coloring, and take them on a ride to the teachers place and once you are outside, just call the teacher to come out of the window or the door; this would be a perfect surprise for the teachers.

    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, schools are now going virtual and teachers are doing a great effort to support their students, and now it’s the right time to give back to those people and thank them for all the hard work they have done and all the love and support they have shown during this critical time.

    As a parent, you could offer a gift to your teacher and kids, suggesting that they both learn a new skill while they are staying and learning at home, such as coding. Teachers could sign up for RoboGarden without the need to have any prior experience in computer science, and let their students learn to code and at the same time manage their progress.

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Day!

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