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Teaching Coding Considering PYP Principles

RoboGarden is one of today’s leading edutainment companies. Our time in the edutainment industry has helped us discover the traits that are most desired by companies that are hiring today. These are the pieces of knowledge and that should be passed on to children as early as possible so they are ready to face the challenges of a modern workplace.

RoboGarden believes that children must be inquirers, so they designed curriculums as story-themed missions to trigger and nurture students’ curiosity. Learning time has become fun time. Students must also be thinkers, so RoboGarden’s missions were developed to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help children learn how to solve complex problems creatively.

Communication enhances teamwork and is one of the most demanded skills among teams in today’s companies. Children must be communicators to receive new ideas and to express their own thoughts and information confidently. It is also important for children to learn how to take risks to achieve where there is a lower probability of success. If no risks were taken there would be no major successes. The curriculum development team at RoboGarden has ensured that missions venture into unfamiliar territory to help children become comfortable handling new situations without anxiety.

RoboGarden helps your children become knowledgeable in a variety of areas by ensuring that each adventure includes opportunities to learn across different subjects. RoboGarden adventures explore not only programming knowledge, but also the earth sciences, space, math, physics, and many other subjects. Lessons help students acquire a critical mass of knowledge. RoboGarden’s missions help children organize their thoughts as programmers while simultaneously learning good morals and practices, all while still meeting or exceeding learning outcomes.

RoboGarden teaches balance, and adding an element of learning games yields a perfect balance. Time spent learning and time spending time having fun are equally important and equally useful for the development of a child’s mind and personality. RoboGarden helps students understand the importance of physical and mental balance, as well as personal well-being. It helps students give thoughtful consideration to their own learning by constructively analyzing their personal strengths and weaknesses and learning how to correct their mistakes. The intelligent hinting system doesn’t spit out the correct answer right away. Rather, it helps a student trace down the error until they get the code run correctly and without errors. A child can have unlimited iterations until they reach the right answer.

We don’t need to let our children spend their time trying every program out there. Instead, we must make sure they choose the program that suits their abilities and promotes good habits. We must make sure that this program can achieve the goals we have set for our children, a challenge that RoboGarden easily rises to.

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