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Teaching Kids to Build an App

image shows teaching group of kids to build an app.

Thinking about building an app might sound hectic and a lot of work for an adult, so what if we are even talking about teaching a child to do so? In today’s world and with all the technologies that keep evolving, teaching a child how to code became part of the school’s curriculum. Teaching kids to code through playing games is the first step in teaching them to build an app or even develop a game. There are now different coding camps and courses that help children learn to code and develop web and mobile apps. Read this article to learn more.

Can Children Build Apps?

Teaching a child to build an app is not easy, even educating them more when it comes to coding is not the easiest thing to go through, but this will always depend on the platform or application which they are using to learn to code and build an app. There are now different websites and game-based platforms that help kids to get introduced to the world of coding, knowing more about the whole process and how it goes, and even finishing the whole thing by giving them the chance to do their own projects to practice what they have learned.

So, the answer would be yes! Kids could build their own apps – usually those between 8 and 14 years old – but for them to do so, parents should start correctly and choose the right places that would teach them to do so in the right way. RoboGarden for example offers coding camps for kids, which are courses that teach kids to build their own apps and even guide them when it comes to publishing these apps to the store, dealing with the reviews they receive, and addressing these reviews.

How to Teach Your Child to Build an App?

There are some steps which any parent should go through in order to make the process of teaching his/her child to build an application much easier. Here are some of them:

  • First of all, start with teaching them about some of the most common coding languages. How to do so? Search the internet and find some game-based platforms that will give them the chance to learn coding by first getting introduced to blockly coding. Let them get things moving on the screen, puzzles completed, etc. because this will definitely be the most interesting way for them to stay engaged while competing with other kids their age.

  • Tell your child about the importance of learning a programming language. In today’s world, almost all the jobs offered require a skill that is related to programming in some way, even if you will not be writing a code yourself, but you should at least understand how the process goes. Your child should be aware that learning a programming language will definitely add to them, their knowledge, and the easier possibility for them to find a job.

  • Make sure they have some of the needed skills for a programmer. There are some skills that any programmer should have, such as problem solving, decision making, attention to details, and others which your child should have some of. Through their coding journey, your kids might face some problems which they should spot and think about a solution for, and that’s what you need to do, make sure they think critically in order to handle a problem and solve it. Kids should also understand that coding is not easy and they will go through several trials and errors before they eventually reach the output they want.

  • Talking about solving a problem and taking the right decision, when possible, it is important to mention the social skills that kids should learn in the process of learning to develop their own apps. Social skills are all about finding the right places and people where kids will evolve their personalities through, and know how to handle different situations that might affect their self-esteem.

  • Communication skills are part of the whole equation. When kids start working on their social skills, they will also evolve their communication skills along the way through dealing with other kids, teachers, and parents, and that is also one important thing that every programmer will need to have in order to be able to work on the appearing problems with his/her peers and reach a good working solution at the end.

Importance of App Development for Kids

At the end, we have to say that teaching kids more about app development is important for their minds to become creative and invent new things. There are several things that your child will gain if he/she decides to take a course for app development or join a coding camp. These skills include helping them apply logic and reasoning skills and this will happen through enhancing their decision making and problem-solving skills. Kids will also become creative while developing their apps because they have to choose a core idea around which their app will be built, and this will give them the chance to cross boundaries and think outside of the box.

With the available resources on the internet and the exposure that kids have nowadays, they could also search the internet for any game they want to try or any application they want to learn more about, which gives them the chance to learn from more resources and thus have more ideas from which they could develop ideas and enhance; in other words, we can say that even if the internet is having some side effects for children, it is still helping them in exploring more and becoming more creative.

You could learn more about our App Development Level 1 and App Development Level 2 courses which are offered by RoboGarden for children between 8 and 14 years old. Learn more here.

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