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Coding education doesn’t require a lot of prerequisites to get started from either the learner or the teacher. There isn’t an ideal age, meaning that learners can start as early as possible. Even those who begin their journey in their fifties and beyond can find plenty of success, which makes coding a unique skill.

The RoboGarden platform fuses coding education and fun to open doors to anyone who’s willing to learn. Children can start from scratch and eventually attain a professional level in languages like Python and JavaScript. Their path along the way includes plenty of fun games and puzzles to solve. RoboGarden’s program also teaches math, physics, and earth sciences. The courses are developed by both engineers and education experts, giving RoboGarden an edge in the industry. We strive to prepare children for the job market as corporate employees, freelancers, or startup founders.

Parents can track their children’s progress through the RoboGarden curriculum and provide kids with model answers. They can even take the courses themselves if they have no programming background and wish to learn. A variety of tools and statistics are available to help parents take full control of keeping the education process on track.

Making a programming education come to life requires the development of virtual tools for teachers. Enabling monitoring of students and control of their classrooms is a vital element of RoboGarden. We have introduced a new educational environment that automatically encourages student participation.

Ideally, the learning platform should help teachers organize their classroom to get the most out of lecture time by adding customizable lesson plans. The tool should sort students by their rates of progress, determine bottlenecks, and share progress with parents. It should be accessible through multiple devices and platforms, and should include progress report updating. If the teacher is provided with a curriculum as well, that becomes a home run! These tools and others are necessary to allow teachers to take full control of their virtual classrooms.

RoboGarden has already implemented all the features and more, and has integrated them with a curriculum that guides students through the basics of coding. Students progress through RoboGarden by completing journeys that cover the programming concepts necessary for a full K-12 curriculum. Teachers can take advantage of a personalized account where they can add students to the classroom, assign courses, monitor student progress, and determine the bottlenecks faced by individual students and the class as a whole. Administrators can assign one or more teachers to each classroom and open up multiple courses for them. They can also monitor each classroom’s progress charts.

We like to think of RoboGarden as a single platform that gives teachers full control over their classroom while providing an engaging learning experience for all students.

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