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The Right Motivation

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Motivation is a key factor that governs any educational experience. Think of why students go to school. Have you thought of an answer? Now think of why they should go to school. If the answer to both questions is the same, then your child has the right motivation. If they are vastly different, then you should reconsider changing the way you motivate your child.

RoboGarden motivates students with the slogan “Learn to Earn.” Time spent learning will actually pay off soon enough that students will be able to make a living from it. We won’t make you wait until you finish the course to earn; now, you can earn RoboGarden coins while you learn.

The RoboGarden scoring system

RoboGarden offers a scoring system that motivates users to write their code efficiently while they play. Users earn scores (XP) and coins. You can increase your score by solving missions and quizzes. Each mission gives a base score of 10 XP. Each quiz question has a weight, which translates to the XP that will be gained if the question is answered correctly.

If the user fails the mission, they will not receive its corresponding XP. They can pass the quiz successfully if they answer half the questions correctly. For each 5 XP gained, the user earns an additional RoboGarden coin. Individuals, children, students, and invited users whose access to journeys is locked (missions are locked and access to a model answer is unavailable) can use coins to unlock a mission’s model answer.

To unlock a model answer, click “Show Model Answer” from the “Settings” menu on the mission page. Unlocking the model answer will consume 10 coins. A message will appear to confirm that you wish to exchange 10 coins for the model answer.

There are additional events that can increase the XP a user gains per mission. The purpose of these events is to differentiate between users based on their efficiency.

Increasing your score

There are several ways to increase or double your score. For example, if you can solve the mission faster than the golden time you will score an extra 5 XP. If you manage to solve the mission with a number of blocks equal to or less than the Best Blocks No. you will score an extra 5 XP.

The number of blocks is determined by the blocks in your workspace. If you manage to pass the mission successfully the first, second, or third time, you will score an extra 5 XP.

Sometimes missions will be marked as a Super Mission. If you solve a Super Mission, you will receive double XP. Super Missions are chosen by the RoboGarden Team and are announced to all users by email. Super Missions are temporary, so a specific mission can be a Super Mission for one day only.

How about that for motivation? If you are excited by what you have read, don’t waste another moment. Begin your learning journey with RoboGarden today by registering for free.

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