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Tips for Programmers and Young Developers

Programmers and Young Developers work on their laptops.

We live in a digital world. Computers are now used for everything around us, from business and trade, to shopping, to science and health, to governments and the software they manage and control.

Many different activities in our lives depend on programming languages and code, like when we use the phone for surfing the Internet or when we buy and sell online. An education in computer science and programming has never been more valuable.

To become highly qualified programmers and developers, young people must follow some important tips.


When you specialize in a particular subject or technique, it should not mean you only learn that technique and forget all others. Companies might be looking for employees proficient in a particular language or technique, but having knowledge in other frameworks as well can be beneficial to your resume.

For example, if you are a PHP developer you are required to choose a familiar framework like LaRaville for learning, but it is wise to have some knowledge in other frameworks like CodeIgniter or Symfony.

Practice and Application

It's good to read programming books and tutorials on blogs or to watch video courses on YouTube or Udemie. Unfortunately, this is not enough in the field of programming, which depends almost entirely on practice.

Follow the Success in Your Field

Programmers often run blogs that offer valuable tips and tricks. If you are interested in, for example, CSS3 techniques, you might follow the blog or subscribe to the CSS3 tag on Magnificent Medium. Programmers of every language are running blogs on the Internet. Following them will help develop your coding skillset.

Analysis Before Writing Code

Programmers and professional developers often use paper or blackboards before writing any lines of code. This is a good habit to pursue since it forces you to think the problem through before diving in to writing code.

Restructuring the Code

It is highly recommended that you restructure and improve code once you have written it. Developers typically spend no more than 25% of their time writing code. The remainder of their time is spent reading code. The end result should be structured code, that is legible all project participants.

Live Your Life Naturally

You do not have to spend 24 hours a day in front of the computer screen to be a successful programmer. Live your life naturally. Make sure to take time for your life outside of work by engaging in hobbies or spending time with family and friends. Programming is a way to succeed in your career and personal life, and not an end in itself.

Enjoy Programming

Each person can program and write code, but can everyone be a successful programmer? To be a successful programmer, you must have the passion to learn continuously and keep up with changes in technology. The world of technology is rapidly evolving. If you are not ready to and adapt with it you will quickly fall behind.

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