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Tips to help your kids to be sociable

Image showing kids are around their teacher teaching them how to be sociable

Is your child always calm? You want your kid to play and interact with others but they seem happy to stay in one place alone. Don't be worry, RoboGarden will promote your kid’s communication and social skills before they go to school.

Social skills don't appear magically when we need them, but we can gain them and learn how to interact with others by observing parents and society. Those skills eventually become spontaneous.

Natural ways of socializing

1. Eye contact

Most children see what others are doing and copy what they see. Parents must maintain visual communication with their children while talking to them. This will teach kids the importance of eye contact while speaking with others.

2. Thinking and observation

Kids internalize what is happening around them. Try playing a game with your child and stopping suddenly for no reason. Your child will feel that you have grown bored and may ask why you stopped. This is one method of teaching effective communication skills.

How to promote your kid’s social skills

● Start a conversation daily

Starting a conversation with your kid is as easy as talking about anything that comes to mind. Ask your child questions and teach them to speak freely. It is better to encourage your kids to speak than to listen to you in a polite manner.

● Play on a team

Consider inviting your neighbor’s kids to play a football match or some other multiplayer game. It will help your kids to learn the meaning of cooperation and other social concepts. By playing with others, your child will learn that striking others is a shameful behavior while cooperation in playing is enjoyable.

● Watch a cartoon film with your child

Watching films helps build your child’s personality. They can learn facial expressions and their impacts on others. You can stress the positive expressions like smiling while meeting someone for the first time and inform your child how that smiley face can make others love him.

● Clean the home together

Ask your child to clean their room and put everything in its place after playing. This will help your kid learn to be a helpful person.Most parents want to help their kids become amazing people who are sociable and intelligent, but not all parents can accomplish this task easily.

It is a good idea to promote your kid’s social skills and build their personality by joining RoboGarden. This platform for kids helps them use their minds effectively and improves their social skills through fun coding games.

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