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Top 5 In-Demand Careers for 2021

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With the unstoppable digital transformation that is taking place, only proving that technology has always been a winner, most of the in-demand jobs for 2021 require tech skills. Any field you might be willing to join will now require some tech skills, which is why most of the in-demand future jobs are related to technology. With turning to the online world with its technology in 2020, there are a number of good paid jobs which will take the lead in 2021, so make sure you have the right skills to fit in any of them.

With the world turning to the online world this year and people working remotely, technology managed to win one more time, opening doors for people to learn tech skills in order to be able to fit in the future demands and be able to find the jobs with good payments. There are a number of careers which are believed to be high in-demand in 2021, such as:

  1. Full Stack Developer

  2. A full stack developer is the one who works with both, the front-end and the back-end of creating a website, a game, or an application. Full stack developers do not only build user-facing websites, but they also work with clients during the planning phase of the project in order to know how the client would like the final website to look like and what are the requirements that he/she needs.

    When it comes to the world of coding and programming, we always hear a lot about full stack development, and this mainly goes back to the fact that full stack developers should know HTML and CSS, which are the two most famously used coding languages out there, and they also have to be proficient in JavaScript and its frameworks.

    Full stack developers are considered from the top demanded jobs for 2021, and this mainly goes back to how the whole world turned to the internet world this year, using and depending more on websites and applications.

  3. Data Scientist

  4. When we talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence, data scientists should be always mentioned. We have been hearing about robots taking over different human jobs since a very long period of time, and even though this might happen with the new machines being invented every single day, these won’t come to life without the hard work of a data scientist.

    A data scientist is the professional who makes use of different statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and machine learning in order to be able to analyze data and eventually reach the final needed conclusion. Being a data scientist might come on top of this list for the top in-demand jobs for 2021, and this explains why it is also considered from the top paid ones as well.

    Data scientists should know programming languages like Python and Java, and should be also well aware of machine learning and deep learning concepts. If you happen to have these skills, then you should get prepared for a good future starting in 2021.

  5. Mobile Application Developer

  6. Did you ever think about the time you spend on your mobile phone switching between all the different applications you have? Everything could now be done through the mobile phone and this goes back to the different applications that we are now living with and which are all created by the mobile application developers found out there.

    Mobile application developers should have knowledge of UI and frameworks in JavaScript, and most importantly, they should be familiar with the concept of cybersecurity in order to create apps that are safe and flawless.

  7. Software Developers

  8. The outbreak of COVID-19 made computers just part of our daily lives, we depend on them when it comes to work, to contacting faraway friends and family members, and also for entertainment, and this just stresses on the fact that software developers will be in demand for the unforeseeable future, because they are the ones behind all the interaction we get to do when we sit on out laptops.

    Software developers earn a median annual salary of $107,510, and that is expected to even grow in the upcoming years with the high demand for them. Of course, in order to become a professional software developer, you should own your bachelor’s degree, but some people manage to take courses in order to improve their skills and end up being successful in this field.

  9. Information Security Analyst

  10. As much growth we tend to see in the world of the internet, it’s important that we also pay attention to cyber-attacks. Information security analysts are those problem solvers who work hard in order to help companies secure their data on the internet by coming up with solutions that prevent cyber-attacks.

The main job of an information security analyst is to fight hackers and keep them away from gaining access to the company’s critical and sensitive online information. Information security analysts also implement protections such as firewalls and data encryption programs in order to keep people’s identities and financial information safe.

It seems much of an interesting job, especially when you realize that you are protecting companies and people from getting hacked, you just need to have a computer science background and certificate.

When you come to look at these 5 top careers that are considered from the most important, most needed, and best paid in 2021, you will come to realize that they all fall under the category of technology and this just proves that technology will keep taking over, just searching for professional people who will be able to implement the right services in the right places.

With what the world witnessed throughout 2020, there are other important jobs that will also be needed in the future apart from the tech related ones, such as the ones related to nurses, doctors, physicians, and others who are part of the medical and health industry, who are needed when it comes to critical situations like pandemics.

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