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Web Development and Machine Learning Bootcamps for a Guaranteed Future Career

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With all the technological inventions appearing in our world, there are job postings and roles appearing along the way According to Cyber States, about 307,000 new tech jobs were added in the past year, and the number of software and web developers reached 1.6 million, which is the largest and fastest growing category of tech jobs. This only highlights the importance of the technical skills that every person must have to guarantee a future job, which include learning more about coding and programming, and getting more into the world of web development and machine learning.

What is Full Stack Web Development?

Among the fields of programming and IT in general which we hear about all the time recently is full stack web development, and there are many people out there who don’t know what it is. A full stack web developer is the developer who works with both the front and back ends of an application or website, who is familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and one or more back end languages. This means that full stack web developers could deal with projects related to databases, they could build user-facing websites, and could also work with clients during the planning phase of projects.

So instead of working on the front end or the back end of creating an application or building a website, a full stack web developer will work on both, which proves why taking a full stack development course will definitely help them settle for a job with good payment, since they will be doing the job of two; since the average salary of a full stack web developer per year reaches $91,123.

What is Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence has been growing during the last century – and might even be earlier but started to fall under the spotlight through those years – it actually started back in 1959 and has been developing since that time. Actually, machine learning and artificial intelligence are not the same thing although they are greatly related to one another. Artificial intelligence is a broader concept than machine learning and it mainly refers to how some machines could carry out tasks in a smart way. On the other hand, machine learning is an application of AI which provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

This is another field where employees are highly paid because of the new inventions that they try to come up with, as well as the amount of effort given to machines to let them act like human beings, which is the reason why people expect robots to take over a lot of job roles in the future. The average salary taken in the field of machine learning, according to Spring Board, is $146,085 per year.

What Are RoboGarden Bootcamps?

Through an interactive, game-based environment, RoboGarden is trying to make it easier for people who are interested in the technology field and want to pursue such a career, or even those who might need extra skills to manage their own businesses, to learn more about full stack web development and machine learning, not just that, but to become experts and ready to go into the real career world.

RoboGarden Inc believes that every person out there could learn how to code, and will definitely make use of such skill in any field, not just those related to programming. Through our game-based environment, RoboGarden teaches students the most hands-on tools and methods for programming through its bootcamps without any requirements needed from those applying for the course.

What Are RoboGarden Bootcamps

What Are the Bootcamps Offered by RoboGarden?

There are two different bootcamps offered by RoboGarden in collaboration with Concordia University of Edmonton: Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp. Each bootcamp will bring out certified students who are able to compete in the real career world, knowing about the latest methods and tools used.

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp is an intensive online bootcamp that will prepare students to fill open technology-based positions. Students enrolled in this bootcamp will come out completing their own application and data-driven website after mastering both, front-end and back-end designs.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp is the second option RoboGarden offers for learners. This intensive online bootcamp will give students the chance to gain the in-demand programming skills needed for them to enter the world of machine learning, AI, and data analytics. The techniques that will be used in this bootcamp will allow students to make informed decisions that yield improvements in growth, efficiency, and cost-savings across all industry sectors.

Both bootcamps are 100% online with direct interaction with the instructor and with frequent feedback and progress tracking. In addition to the modules which the learner will go through, there is also a Capstone project at the end of each bootcamp to make sure that learners are ready for the real-world industry demands. A good thing about our bootcamps is that students will get insights from industry speakers, who will share their real experience from the field.

Who We Are Partnering With?

In order to bring students certified from a Canadian university at the end, RoboGarden is collaborating with Concordia University of Edmonton to bring these bootcamps to life. Students who choose to enroll in either the full stack web development bootcamp or the machine learning & artificial intelligence bootcamp will eventually receive a CUE certificate for their completion of the bootcamp.

Who We Are Partnering With

Who Should Apply for RoboGarden Bootcamps?

Without any requirements needed, almost anyone could apply for our bootcamps to gain more experience and be ready for a new career ahead. If you are interested in web development and design, IT and tech services, digital marketing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, you will be a perfect match for our bootcamps, and we could even help you decide which bootcamp to choose through an assessment test offered.

In addition to the different interests which you might carry to the technical field, you could also choose to enroll yourself in our bootcamps if you have just graduated and want to enhance your skills for a better career, if you are seeking a better paid career, if you want to shift your career, or just feel more comfortable with working from home.

Our bootcamps will provide you with the needed information, methods, and tools used in the world of coding and programming, but such skills will benefit you in almost every other field you choose to work for.

Who Should Apply for RoboGarden Bootcamps

Why Apply for RoboGarden & Concordia University of Edmonton Bootcamps?

RoboGarden bootcamps help learners dive into the real-world easily after they gain the needed skills and tools. In addition to the technical knowledge which will be gained through the bootcamps’ modules, there will also be a Capstone project at the end so instructors could also rate the progress of their students.

Being 100% online, our bootcamps make sure that students are safe away from any group gatherings, we care about keeping our students safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Even though bootcamps are held online, our instructors will have direct interaction with the students anytime, will provide their frequent feedback, and will provide their performance review and progress tracking.

Our modules are delivered through an interactive, game-based environment, making it easier for the student to grasp everything more easily. In addition to that, we prepare our students for the career world with the insight they will receive from the industry speakers who will be sharing their experience through the bootcamp.

When Will the Bootcamps Start?

Our bootcamps will start on September 11, 2020, giving more chances for people to choose the bootcamp they prefer, or even get the assessment test that will help them decide their perfect fit.

Learn more about our bootcamps and register to get ready for the future technical job that might be awaiting you.

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