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What can a programmer do?


Zero and one are only two numbers, but they have had enormous influence. These two numbers are the basic language used to communicate with computers. A computer needs sets of specific instructions written in a language it can understand. By implementing these instructions, computers can do anything the user programs it to do.

A programmer or coder is responsible for any program’s success or failure. They write instructions in a specific programming language to make a program that suits their needs. The first computer programmer in history, Ada King-Noel, also known as the Countess of Lovelace, was born in December of 1815. She was an English mathematician and author. She developed programs for Babbage's Analytical Engine. Her work eventually defined the main rules for modern programing languages. She was honored as the namesake of the Ada language.

With the constant development of technology, the need to program has become more important than ever. Programmers create new applications suitable for various companies to meet their specific needs. They then test the programs and determine whether there are errors. Once those bugs are found and corrected, the program is ready to go.

Every application you enjoy using was coded by a programmer who wanted to create useful, funny and enjoyable apps that help us in our daily lives. Mobile developers, for example, create applications you use on your mobile devices. These include social media apps, Soundcloud, games, and other apps that all mobile devices have like clocks, calendars, calculators, and cameras. Web developers, meanwhile, create social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and others.

Programming is the number one factor in the creation of operating systems like iOS for iPhones, Android for other cell phones, Windows Phone for Microsoft mobile phones, Windows for computers, and databases. Programming languages are everywhere, so it is smart to teach your kids how to code. This skill will help them towards a better future through improved thinking and creativity.

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