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RoboGarden is an educational coding platform that fuses coding with a variety of STEAM subjects that appeal to different age groups. Kids are introduced to robotics as they progress through the RoboGarden curriculum. They learn that robot brains are actually simple computers and that their energy comes from batteries. The robot brain waits for an input that tells it to move. It uses sensors and motors to interact with its environment in accordance with the brain’s directions.

Each course in RoboGarden's programs is known as a journey. Journeys are designed around school learning outcomes with consideration for the student’s age. Built to contain stories that take place in an immersive world full of interactive graphics and visualizations, journeys are meant to captivate a child’s attention through a series of lessons, also known as adventures. Each adventure contains a tutorial, a tutorial quiz, five missions that focus on a coding concept with increasing difficulty, and a final quiz that measures the student’s understanding of the concept before moving on to the next one. The challenges start off easy, but the difficulty level increases as kids play. Kids learn that coding is the language that mobile phones, computers, and robots use to understand what they are supposed to do. They also learn key programming concepts like loops and if-conditions.

RoboGarden provides a smooth transition from Blockly to the textual languages of Python and JavaScript. Students begin with visual programming that leverages simple drag and drop blocks. They then move on to writing sections of code to complete missions.

You can always get started using RoboGarden's hour of code challenges, which are a trio of challenges that are available in three difficulty levels. These challenges will help your kids learn to code through a collection of missions that are focused on STEAM subjects, good morals, and life skills in a gamified environment that is easy and fun to understand

Students will solve math problems and learn about the concept of sequencing programming through six beginner-level lessons. Students will be introduced to number patterns, addition, and subtraction. They will also learn the concept of loops as they progress through the intermediate level of lessons.

All these features combine to create a truly engaging experience that helps your child learns the basics of programming while providing a lot of knowledge about different sciences. RoboGarden promotes creativity and critical thinking skills while adding some nice values and good practices on top of that. Start your learning journey now and register for free.

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