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What is the function of a snowman

RoboGarden’s ice world-themed journeys continue in "What is the Function of a Snowman." This time, Robo takes a trip to the ice world. He needs your help to become familiar with this beautiful, cold world as he makes shapes in the snow! Let's have fun and learn about this amazing world.

Robo now has some activities like fishing and creating drawings on ice to accomplish. Help Robo to achieve his goals and have fun and as he collects some snow clothes for friends. Later, Robo needs your assistance as he prepares for a racing game and counts the number of friends on each team.

Along the way, students will continue their learning journey as they apply programming concepts like arrays, loops, and nested loops. Structured programming, another important concept, is introduced as students learn to organize their code into functions.

RoboGarden’s programs incorporate NGSS standards. In this case, the MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, and MS-ETS1-4 standards are all leveraged as the student learns to define the criteria and constraints of a design problem to ensure a successful solution and analyze data from tests.

Later in the journey, the student will learn how to use variables and arrays to solve math operations. They will practice manipulating variables after storing values in them. At the conclusion of the journey, the student will have delved deeper into programming concepts to become familiar with variables. Once they are comfortable with manipulating variables, students will have all the tools necessary to be a programmer in their repertoire.

Generating and comparing multiple possible solutions to a problem to determine how well each will meet the criteria and constraints is an important skill. This type of thinking is reinforced in the missions that Robo must solve to end his journey.

There may be 40 missions per journey, but students learn more than 40 new things as they move forward with Robo. Are you ready to try it for yourself? Check out What is the function of a snowman to start down the RoboGarden path of learning.
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