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What is the purpose of python language?


The purpose of Python

Building with developers in mind

Each programming language is built with a specific purpose in mind. For example, Kotlin was built for Android development. Swift was built for the development of iOS applications. HTML was built for web development. Sometimes a language may be built for more generalized purposes that could be used across a variety of applications. For example, C++, C#, Java, and many others were built as general-purpose programming languages.

Java can be used to program Windows applications, mobile applications, smart fridge or smart TV applications, car infotainment applications, web applications, and more. It is found in millions of devices worldwide. Its ubiquitous nature is because the spectrum of applications that Java can be used for is very wide.

What is the purpose of Python?

Back to our main focus. Python was designed as a general programming language. It was originally meant to be a simple language with an easy syntax that is suitable for beginners. It was also meant to be scalable and open source so that any person or organization can contribute code libraries and Python-based frameworks. This is where the real hype began.

Python is currently used in desktop applications, web applications, game development, data science and machine learning, visualizations, and graphic design, and much more. All Python libraries as open source. You can use as many packages as you need to suit your application.

The community

As Python became more scalable, the community behind it scaled up as well. An open source programming language with lots and lots of applications is an invitation for community contributions. Python has famous groups and forums all over the world. Major Python conferences are held in many parts of the world as well. Probably the most famous conference, PyCon has over 2,500 attendees every year.

This type of robust community is incredibly helpful. You can learn the latest news about your specialization, find tons of helper code snippets, stay motivated to finish your project or idea, and much more. You are never alone when you are using Python.

Python itself is a very easy programming language. It is written in natural language so you don’t have to worry about syntax errors or about not understanding other code or libraries. You can easily see yourself progress in a very short time.

Whatever your dream may be, Python can help you build it. Start your learning journey today with RoboGarden. Register for free!

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