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What Parents Need to Know About Coding?

Image shows that the mother teaches her kid on i-pad.

Coding is now considered a communication tool, it might not be a real language like English, but it is still considered one that if spoken, will definitely make the person able to communicate.

Coding is now being taken more seriously and schools are finally adopting coding education in classrooms. This brings us to one important conclusion: coding is beneficial for kids and parents should definitely look up to building such a needed skill in their kids. Before parents come to the point of teaching their kids coding, they first ask a couple of questions regarding this field.

Here are some of the most famous asked questions about coding:

What is Coding?

Do you know what coding is exactly? A lot of people get confused between coding and programming, so first let’s settle down on the right definition for coding. Coding is known to be a language given to the computer in order to produce apps, websites, and software.

As simple as the definition of coding might appear, it is still considered important when we apply it on the world we live in. Without coding, most of the technology we are dealing with today would not have been there, such as our smartphones, the web browser, and even the blogs which we come to check; every single one of these is created from codes.

How Do We Introduce Our Kids to Coding?

Introducing your child to the world of coding is not much of a complicated task because there are some learning games which kids already play that are related to coding in one way or another, such as Minecraft. Start asking your child what do they know about coding, once you get their answer, you will know where do they stand and what exactly do they know about this world. Tell your kids that most of the applications, games, and technological devices which they use are built on codes, this will then make it easier for the child to understand what coding is.

Introducing kids to coding could happen step by step through the tools they use and the games they play every single day. Encourage hands-on play which will teach your kids coding without they even realize it, let the kids create more real-life experiences, parents could also depend on online resources to teach coding for children, and also allow the kids to play with the apps.

Which Coding Languages Are Best for My Kids?
Which Coding Languages Are Best for My Kids?

Visual programming is a great way to get a young kid into coding, it uses colorful backgrounds, interactive characters, as well as amazing videos and tutorials in a gamified fashion. The kid will learn movement and rotation with bright blocks through drag and drop commands, which is considered from the easiest ways of education.

Note that trying to put too much on to your child’s plate typically does more harm than good, so always start with taking small steps in teaching kids to code before giving them the permission to take their own steps.

What is next?

What should parents do now in order to teach kids how to learn computer coding? Parents should first start with choosing an online course or platform to enroll their kids in and start their coding journey. This course or platform should be able to teach the kid JavaScript and Python, which both are considered the building blocks of lots of applications.

Coding is not just about learning to write down codes and bring an outcome at the end, but it is about educating kids about the technological world and giving them the chance to understand it before being part of it. Kids could join a club in school or even visit a tech museum that will help them learn everything correctly.

There are thousands of websites that teach kids how to code through games, which is considered the most engaging and interesting way of all. RoboGarden offers more than 40 coding journeys and more than 640 missions which both parents and kids could learn to code through. It provides your kids with a specific curriculum based on STEAM, gamified activities, and different stories to learn JavaScript and Python.

With RoboGarden, there are different games that teach coding which kids could play and receive useful information from at the same time. Join the new revolution of learning to code.

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