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When I get start learn my kids to code?

A young kid is collecting lego wedo robot and his mother is standing beside.

Look around and you may see that almost everyone, everywhere is busy with their mobile phones. Even kids are busy with their cell phones as they play their favorite Flash game, chat on Facebook, or watch cartoons on YouTube.

Technology is a part of everyone life:

Programing and its related technology are part of everything in our lives. You can see the evidence of these advancements in mobile phones, TVs, mobile apps, computers, websites and more. It's so ubiquitous that we use programming several times each day.

It is therefore important that we understand and learn coding at an early age. It is our present and our future, and it is constantly evolving. Learning to code will open the door to many career opportunities that include a wide variety of fields.

Learn how to code using these platforms:

There are several websites that can start teaching kids to code from an early age:

  • Code Babies:

  • The slogan of the Code Babies website is: "It's never too early to develop." The site encourages kids as young as four to learn to code. Kids of this age have excellent mental abilities and iron memories that can store anything they learn. If you have a younger child, try checking out Code Babies.

  • Kodable:

  • You and your kids can learn together with Kodable. This website is geared towards children aged five and up. It even provides a guidebook to help parents learn along with their children. You can download the Kodable app now.

  • RoboGarden:

  • A fun and educational platform that teaches kids from six to eighteen how to code, RoboGarden uses block puzzles in a gamified fashion. Children arrange blocks of code to help Robo, the site’s hero robot, move. Missions and quizzes combine to form journeys, each of which takes place in a unique and rich world. RoboGarden mixes study and entertainment to teach two programming languages to kids and help them prepare for their future careers. Register now on RoboGarden.

  • Hopscotch:

  • Hopscotch is an iPad application that teaches kids aged eight and up how to code. Kids watch videos to learn how to use blocks to solve problems, then apply what they’ve learned within the app. Try Hopscotchnow.

Importance of learning to code in an early life:

It is important to start teaching your children how to code at an early age so they can improve their mental abilities and memory. Learning about coding can help children embrace different fields of study, different cultures, and a variety of experiences. Don’t wait until it’s too late; use these resources to have your kids start coding today.

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