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Why coding?

Coding is today’s equivalent to reading many years ago. A long time ago, you couldn't learn about world news or about important events without knowing how to read books, newspapers, letters, and other important material. Written materials were the way information was obtained. In many ways, this form of communication is now replaced by computers and the internet. It therefore stands to reason that we need to learn how to program these machines, not just how use them. The big data era requires the knowledge to actually get the data.

A coding education is in demand today. Coding doesn't require knowing a special language. You have a variety to choose from, each with its own applications. Best of all, learning to code is accessible to everyone. It doesn’t require a special school or a fancy degree. You just need a laptop and an internet connection, and off you go.

If you have ever thought of making a career shift, well, the easiest way to accomplish that is to learn how to code. If you want to be one of the highest paid employees in the world, you should learn how to code. High-paying dream jobs aside, if you want to exercise your brain, learn how to code.

No matter why you’re interested in programming, all roads lead you to a computer where you’re writing. This outcome is always beneficial, if not financially, then at least mentally. Programming helps you plan for the future. With enough practice in their field, programmers find that they don’t just check their completed code for errors to correct. Instead, they plan to prevent errors from occurring at all. Planning is an acquired skill that coding can help develop.

The job market of the future is in the process of being born, and coding forms a big part of it. The world is moving towards more intelligent systems, intelligent assistants, intelligent vehicles, and more. This is primarily due to the abundance of data and the power of computation.

Data science jobs are in huge demand today, and are projected to continue to top the charts for a while. Data science requires a knowledge of Python, so getting into this field requires you to learn to code.

There are multiple benefits to programming that go beyond better job prospects. These include alternative thinking, discipline, fault tolerance, debugging skills, planning, communication, and many others. A lack of coding skills will soon be the equivalent of illiteracy today. Most jobs, even in the retail and fast food industries, will require basic knowledge of IT skills. People with strong programming skills are well-paid in the current market, and will only enjoy expanded opportunities in the future.
Importance of coding education


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