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Why is coding important for kids?

We witness technology in every aspect of our daily lives. Software, or computer programs, is what drives the technology that is ubiquitous in our lives. This software as created by coding. In a world where technology is everywhere, it is important for kids to understand the driving force behind all these technologies as an integral part of their lives.

This article covers many benefits of learning to code. Kids learn to use logic as they learn about programming since logical thinking is a fundamental requirement for coding. Programming involves using expressions, selection, iteration, conditional statements, and other logical structures.

On top of this, coding teaches kids how to build by using cause and effect to detect why certain things don’t work while others do. This process is called debugging. Learning the thought and logic processes behind debugging can serve a child well in using logic to solve a problem, and can encourage a child to learn to write correct code to reduce errors and crashes.

Programming helps students look ahead and plan for the future. With enough practice in their field, programmers find that they don’t just check their completed code for errors to correct. Instead, they try to plan to prevent the errors from occurring at all. Good planning will prevent errors!

Children have creative and fluid minds. Coding helps them learn to persist if their first approach is not working. The future job market will require that perseverance, especially when it comes to programming since the current generation of children is fully literate in technology. A lack of coding skills then will be equal to illiteracy now. Most jobs, even in the retail and fast food industries, will require basic knowledge of IT skills. People with strong programming skills are well-paid in the current market, and will only enjoy expanded opportunities in the future.

Kids and teens who want to capitalize on the abundance of computer science jobs in tomorrow’s landscape should be taking programming courses today. RoboGarden helps your child start their coding adventure today to put them on the track to becoming a successful programmer, developer, or computer scientist. Progressing through courses that have been carefully developed by technology and education experts will get kids where they want to be faster than they would have dreamed possible.

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