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Why Use Git and GitHub in Coding?

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If you have been through the journey of trying to learn how to codethen you probably already know about Git and GitHub, but if you are still new to this world then this article will tell you more about it. A lot of programmers from different expertise levels use GitHub while they are writing their code since it makes it all easier for them and gives them the chance to track changes in the source code during software development. If you want to learn more about Git and GitHub, the difference between them, and why to use them then keep reading this blog article.

What is Git?

A lot of people think that Git and GitHub are the same, but there are some differences between them that you should be well aware of if you are planning to learn coding. Git is known to be a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.

A version control system is known to be a system that records all the changes and modifications made to a specific file or a set of data to create another version that programmers could go back to whenever they need. This is considered a good system for group work or collaboration work, because it makes sure that team members are exposed to the last edited version when they are working on the same project.

The good thing about tracking these code changes is that it makes working among a team of programmers much easier and smoother, even though it can be used to track any changes in a set of files. The main goal behind using Git and recommending it for all the programmers out there, no matter what their experience level is, is because its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

What is GitHub?

Now you understand what Git is and what is the reason behind using it, now you should understand the other part of the equation, which is GitHub. GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service that offers all the distributed vision control and source code management functionality of Git, in addition to adding its very own features.

GitHub is considered the largest coding community in the world that provides a web-based graphical interface for programmers. According to some statistics collected back in 2020, GitHub is considered the most prominent source code host, with over 60 million new repositories created in 2020, bringing more than 56 million programmers in the same place.

Git and GitHub…

After getting introduced to the definitions of Git and GitHub and how each of them serves the programmers out there, it is now important to know how and why to use them. To make it clearer, we should say that Git is a software, while GitHub is a service.

There are some differences between Git and GitHub that we need to shed the lights on, such as:

  • Git is focused on version control and code sharing, while GitHub is focused on centralized source code hosting.

  • Git is a version control system to manage source code history, while GitHub is a hosting service for Git repositories.

  • Git is installed locally on the system, while GitHub is hosted on the web.

To sum it all up, we can say that if you are working on open-source projects that use Git then GitHub is designed to help you in managing them better.

Why Do Programmers Use GitHub?

As a developer, it is important to create a history of changes that occur in your code over the time, and that’s exactly what GitHub offers. GitHub makes the version control much easier for the programmers, and that is not related to a specific programming language, whether you are writing your code in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, or any other language, GitHub will make the idea of implementing a workflow much easier.

From the different benefits of GitHub for programmers or why it makes it all easier for them, we have to mention that GitHub actually adds several of its functionalities to the ones which are already offered by Git, such as a web-based graphical interface, a Pastebin style site named Gist, and great tools for collaborating with other developers.

In addition to the graphical interface, GitHub created Gist which is a Pastebin-style application that allows users to store plain text, which are used by developers to store and share small scripts and bits of code. Gist also allows users to store multiple bits of code and allows them to track the changes.

The most important thing about GitHub is the different collaboration tools which gives developers the chance to work together on the same project and track the changes that take place in the code.These collaboration tools include:

  • Create access rights and give certain users the permissions to make changes in the code.

  • Forking feature which allows the user to download the repository and work on it instead of working on the original one.

  • Pull requests feature which allows one user to ask for permission to merge the repository he/she downloaded and worked on with the original one.

  • Issues feature which keeps tracking any bugs in your code and which could be also used to track any enhancements you want to make in your code.

If you are a programmer then you already know what Git is, what GitHub is, how to use each of them, and what each of them is used for and why. Most of the programmers now recommend GitHub for easier ways of tracking the changed code and for making the collaboration work easier. If you are new to the coding world then it is important to learn more about Git and GitHub and start depending on it while working on your code.

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