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Begin Your Coding Journey: Sense the fun in the birthday party

Sense the fun in the birthday party

Repeat another birthday party and sense the world



A Journey to learn movement, use color sensor and math functions while you are having fun in the party

Technical Details

While preparing for a birthday party, students will learn repeat loop and Robo sensors of colors and text. Applying all that in solving some math puzzles and collect objects and move objects around.

What you will learn

  • Simple Repeat Loops
  • Robo Sensors of Color and Text
  • Move with more accurate distances


  • Journeys: Get to know the world in the party
  • Knowlege/skills:2 digits Addition/Subtraction

Preview Video


Adventure 1: Hide the sweets

Too much sugar is bad for you. Robo decided to hide the sweets loaded with sugar and leave only the healthy sweets for his friends. Robo will take the bad sweets away so his friends will stay healthy.


Adventure 2: Calorie calculations

Robo will tell his friends how much calories are in each type of sweet. Robo wants to help his friends maintain a nutritious diet and a healthy body. He will count the calories of each sweet and we will see how harmful some sweets can be.


Adventure 3: It's closer than you think

Robo and his friends will learn proper table manners. They will learn to eat what is in front of them instead of running around to find what they want. Everyone, including Robo, will have to go to the nearest food item or learn to calculate the distance to the food item they want. Let's see who can learn the fastest!


Adventure 4: My name is Robo, come meet my friends!

Robo, along with his friends, will start decorating and writing their names and initials with different colors.


Adventure 5: Color coding

Robo is smart! He plans to color each item with a specific color so it’s easier to organize. Color coding different items will help keep things in order and make the cleanup process faster. Help Robo assign a color to hats, whistles, and other fun party items.


Adventure 6: How about some more games

Robo wants to play games with his friends. This time they will read the cell color that the sweets are on. Robo and his friends will read the number on the cell and get the same number of sweets as that number. This will be so much fun!


Adventure 7: Time to go home

Robo will estimate how long will it take to go home and how long he has to wait before he leaves. He wants to stay with his friends if possible but he has to be home before a specific time. Robo learns to keep his promises and stay punctual.


Adventure 8: Time to clean up

Robo and his friends are going to clean up. They know that keeping the place clean and tidy is a must since they were invited to somebody's place. Everyone, including Robo, will go and clean the area closest to him or her. For example, Robo will go and gather the items nearest to him and put them back in their place.


Sense the fun in the birthday party

Repeat another birthday party and sense the world

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