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Begin Your Coding Journey: Let's go find treasures in the forest!

Let's go find treasures in the forest!

Enjoy the forest with all its conditions, loops and structures.



Everything from movement through loops, conditions to nested structures in your tropical journey.

Technical Details

In this journey, Students will get familiar with all programming concepts from simple sequencing to conditions, loops, nested structures. This is a compressed journey from beginner level to moderate programming level in funny puzzles to solve.

What you will learn

  • Simple movement
  • Sense Colors, Print
  • Conditions
  • Repeat, While Loops
  • Nested conditions inside loops
  • Nested Loops


  • Journeys: None
  • Knowledge/skills: Reading simple sentences

Preview Video


Adventure 1: Let's go pick tropical fruits!

Robo will move through the Forest in search of food. He is surprised when he finds out how many different fruits the Forest has!


Adventure 2: Avoid the perils!

Good work! Now let's avoid the perils and collect more food.


Adventure 3: Let's find the Forest's beauty!

How much beauty is hidden in the Forest! Shall we photograph Forest's beauty?


Adventure 4: Be careful with the holes and puddles of mud!

Wow! When we finish this adventure, we will be half of the way! It is time to identify all the perils of the path. I know we can do it!


Adventure 5: Use fewer code blocks

We did it! We made it to the middle of our journey. The best is yet to come! Be careful, because you will have to guide me suing the smallest amount of code blocks. Let's go look for ferns!


Adventure 6: Our friends have arrived!

We are quite the team! I am loving this journey! This Forest has many hidden gems! And now, our friends have found us! Remember that to get to them, we have to use the smallest amount of blocks. Do not take me off the right path and let us be aware of the perils!


Adventure 7: Let us feed our friends!

After going through so much adventure, our friends are tired so we need to feed them!


Adventure 8: The largest treasure of all!

What a journey! I cannot believe we are at the last adventure of this Tropical Journey! Now we have to find the largest treasure in the Forest. What will it be?


Let's go find treasures in the forest!

Enjoy the forest with all its conditions, loops and structures.

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