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Begin Your Coding Journey: Discover JavaScript

Discover JavaScript

Go through the winter journey where you will learn about loops, conditions and nested structures, this time in java scripts



Everything from movement through loops, conditions to nested structures in your winter journey with Java Script

Technical Details

Learn the syntax of javascript. How loops, conditions, math oprations are written in javascript. Students will start their first steps to javascript as a textual language and its relation to blockly programs

What you will learn

  • JavaScript basic commands
  • If, Loops syntax in JS
  • Nested loops Syntax in JS


  • Journeys: Decorate the tree from bottom up
  • Knowlege/skills:Reading simple sentences

Preview Video


Adventure 1: Let's decorate the tree!

Oh! Hello there! I am glad you could join me. Now, I need your help... It is Christmas and we need to decorate the tree for this beautiful town and its kind people. Beautiful decorations and ornaments have been magically appearing on this frozen lake... Please guide me as I skate around to pick up the ball ornaments. This is going to be fun!


Adventure 2: Avoid rocks!

Oh, Wow! That was great collaboration! I think we need to keep it up. Be extra careful now; don't guide me into any rocks while I am skating. I will need to make hard turns to get to these ball ornaments!


Adventure 3: Let's collect candy canes

Awesome! I can't get enough of this! How about we start collecting some candy canes?


Adventure 4: Watch out for the cracked ice!

Wow! I am so proud we are here! when we get through this adventure, we will have reached exactly the middle of our journey! Enjoy the ride! We are going to get organized. It is about time we get to know this lake's surface well and make note of the dangerous areas of thin and cracked ice. Come on! We can do this!


Adventure 5: Use fewer code blocks

We have done it! We made it through half of our amazing journey. The best is yet to come! Now be careful; you need to guide me to move using the fewest amount of code blocks. Come on! We can do this! We need to add more words about collecting new deorations (i.e. bells).


Adventure 6: Let's collect some snowman ornaments

We make a great team! I am having a blast here! How about we collect some snowman ornaments for our beautiful tree? They would make it look so cute! Just remember, we need to use the fewest blocks we can and we need to stay the course - no wondering around! And most of all, beware of the broken ice! Now we risk falling in the ice water. Yikes!


Adventure 7: Let's collect some gifts

Awesome! We have collected lots of beautiful ornaments for the tree. Now we need to collect some actual gifts to lay under it for this town's kind folks. Focus!


Adventure 8: The Christmas Star ornament!

This has been amazing! I can't believe we have reached our last adventure of this winter journey! Now that we have collected the gifts under the tree, it is time for one last ornament to set on its very top. It's time for the Christmas Star.


Discover JavaScript

Go through the winter journey where you will learn about loops, conditions and nested structures, this time in java scripts

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