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Begin Your Coding Journey: Get to know the world in the party

Get to know the world in the party

Explore and afftect the fiels during a birthday party



Have fun and learn repeat and use of Robo sensors while you are in the Birthday

Technical Details

In this journey, students learn the basic movement of Robo inside the field as well as functions that make changes to the field like set color and write text. Students solve missions to get familiar with Sequencing and motor actions of Robo while playing and apply some simple math concepts.

What you will learn

  • Robo Simple Movement
  • SetColor, SetText, Print
  • Sequencing


  • Journeys: None
  • Knowlege/skills: Reading simple sentences
  • One digit addition

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Adventure 1: Get to know each other

Robo is asked to get along with new friends and learn to help one another. He learns that being cooperative is a pleasant thing to do. Robo will learn how to behave when he is invited to someone's home. This means he should return the items he used to their original place. Robo must help set up the party and clean up after the party ends.


Adventure 2: The healthier, the better

Robo is asked to prepare the food. He needs to avoid the sugar loaded sweets and go for the less sugary ones. The sugar loaded sweets are lollipops, donuts and chocolate bars. The less sugary ones are cupcakes, oatmeal cookies, biscuits, wafers and wafer sticks. Help Robo make healthy choices!


Adventure 3: Price tags

Robo will be buying items for the birthday party. Each item has a price tag and based on how much money he has, he will have to purchase as many items as he can. For example: Robo needs to buy 3 cupcakes and 2 wafer sticks. He is given a certain amount of money and he has to collect what he can afford.


Adventure 4: Let's choose what we will eat

Robo will continue to move to certain cells and avoid the sugar loaded sweets. He can move under the bridge and go back and forth to collect the items. He can also color a path between the items to reach his destination without running into any sugar loaded sweets.


Adventure 5: Your order is ready

Robo can now add up the prices of each sweet item. Robo will be asked to gather a certain amount of sweets for his friends. He will have to count the number of friends and who loves what type of sweets. Next, Robo will have a certain amount of money to buy the sweets he wants. He will make the decision to buy which sweets and figure out how much money he has. Then, Robo will collect as many sweets as he can for his friends.


Adventure 6: Let's start decorating

Robo will write the text that will be printed on the birthday banner. He can color the cells and will be asked to make colorful selections to help decorate the place where the party will be held. Robo will work on the decorations, the banner, the colors and everything related to the look of the party.


Adventure 7: Let's have fun

Here, Robo will be asked to write the first letter of the sweet he sees. Sometimes he will color the cells with the color of the sweets, or play a game where he guesses which sweet starts with that letter. He will also draw a path between the name of the sweet (the first letter) and the sweet itself. Robo will enjoy the challenge of trying to solve these puzzles.


Adventure 8: Time for cake and to blow out the candles!

Robo will develop an understanding of how much sugar is added to each type of sweet. He is given the amount of sugar in each one as a hint and will have to go to the cells and write down the amount of sugar beside them to let his friends know how much they will be intaking. Robo will be instructed to bring the birthday cake to his friends. There are 3 flavors. There will be a price tag to each one of them and Robo will be asked to choose one based on the money he has left. The cake will be presented and the celebration will begin.


Get to know the world in the party

Explore and afftect the fiels during a birthday party

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