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RoboGarden Announces Strategic Partnership With Eupheus Learning

Eupheus Learning has entered in an exclusive strategic partnership with RoboGarden Inc. The partnership was announced at DST-CII Technology Summit, which facilitates a comprehensive convergence of key elements and key actors of India's and Canada's knowledge economy, on 14th November, 2017 in New Delhi.
Dr. Mohamed Elhabiby, President of RoboGarden Inc. said, “We believe that RoboGarden will create bright new opportunities for individuals and entire communities. Coding literacy is an essential driver of success in the digital economy. We have found our right partner in Eupheus Learning, which has the right know-how of education sector and a sizeable reach to thousands of schools and millions of students in India.” Sarvesh Srivastava, Managing Director & Co-founder, Eupheus Learning said, “By engaging in interactive, hands-on explorations of coding concepts through RoboGarden, students will begin to think like coders. When their foundation is built on coding fundamentals, they will be better problem solvers as they grow old.”


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