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5 Ways to Celebrate International Children’s Book Day

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International Children’s Book Day is just around the corner and in order to help kids love reading and give them the chance to invest their time in making this a hobby, we should first try to make the whole idea of reading much more interesting for them, which happens through choosing the right stories for their age, creating acts out of these stories, reading stories in interesting ways out loud, and so many other things. Let’s learn more about this day and the ways that could be used to celebrate it with the kids.

History of International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day was first celebrated in 1966 on the 2nd of April, and this day was chosen because it is the birthday of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, who was called H.C. Andersen. H.C. Andersen was a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, poems, and he was mostly remembered for his fairytales.

The purpose behind creating such a day was to inspire children to read more and direct their attention to the different children stories and books which are found out there. When this day was first celebrated, it was organized by Jella Lepman, the found of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and each year, a different international section of the IBBY hosts this children’s books event by picking a theme and inviting a well-known author and illustrator to create a message for all the children around the world.

How to Celebrate International Children’s Book Day?

To give kids the chance to love anything and be interested in doing it, you should definitely choose the right ways that should be interesting, encouraging, and different when it comes to the ideas or the exercises. When it comes to reading and celebrating the International Children’s Book Day, there are different activities to consider in order to help them read, even sometimes act on the stories they read, and eventually be the ones always looking forward to buying new books and reading them.

Here are some of the different things to try:

  1. Act Your Kid’s Favorite Story

  2. Since most of the countries are still locked down due to COVID-19 and most of the parents and kids are working and attending schools online, there should be something interesting done at home between the parents and the children. One of the activities is to let your child choose one of their favorite stories and act it with them, this will not just let them get excited to search for a new story that they could act with you in the future, but would be also interested to read as much stories as they could so they would be able to recommend when needed.

  3. Get Your Kids Introduced to Other Cultures

  4. This is one of the things that kids will definitely love, which is getting introduced to different cultures and knowing more about their traditions. One of the ways to do so is to actually bring stories from other cultures that would make it easier for them to learn, but another way to do so is by letting your child choose a specific country, you collect as much valuable information about it as possible, try to check if you could bring a costume for it, and eventually writing down a creative story that would help bring the information you collected easily to your child. This way, you will not only help your child love reading, but you will also bring important information to him/her to be well aware of.

  5. Teach them Something New Through a Story

  6. In addition to teaching kids more about different cultures through new stories, you could also teach your child more about something new, educational, and informative to them through a story, such as telling them more about coding. Coding is one of the different skills which will definitely help kids learn about the technological world and find a secure job in the future, so getting them introduced to technology and coding would definitely help them even choose whether they want to proceed and learn more about it or else not. There is also other information which you might choose to inform your kids with, and you could simply do that through reading a story out loud for them. If you want to teach your kids coding, you could learn more about RoboGarden’s game-based learning platform and choose the most suitable plan for you here.

  7. Take the Kids to their Favorite Bookstore

  8. If you are living in a country that does not have restrictions over visiting a bookstore or is not locked down, it is a good idea to take your children to the nearest bookstore or the one they love the most and give them the permission to choose a couple of books which they like. This is a good activity because your kids will learn to explore the books they come across, even if just by the way they look, and will try to choose one at the end according to the name, the cover, and which they feel will turn out to be the most interesting for them.

  9. Create a New Game Out of a Book Story

  10. For adults, there are now different games that are related to movies and series, so why not try to make the same thing for kids and come up with some games or activities that depend on their favorite books or stories and which they could easily play at home. This way, kids will feel more interested about knowing more stories and fairytales and thus enjoying books even more.

It’s always important to encourage and motivate your kids to read all year long, but to make it even feel more special, it is important to come up with different ideas to celebrate the International Children’s Book Day with them, this way they will always be waiting for that day, thinking about what they could do and read, and eventually will become bookworms.

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