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6 Tips to Teach Coding in Schools

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Schools all over the world decided to teach their students how to code, because this is a must-have skill that students will need in the future. Coding is now a skill that job recruiters require even if the job opportunity is not related to the tech field, and this just proves why coding is becoming a skill that not only schools should teach to students, but one that parents should also be keen to let their kids have. Not all teachers are trained about how to teach coding, but there are some tips which they could follow in order to do it correctly. Read this article to learn more about how to teach your students to code.

How Should Teachers Teach Coding in Class?

Knowing about coding and programming is one thing, but teaching younger generations to code is another. Back in the old days, coding was considered difficult for kids to understand and only adults managed to learn and do it, but these days with all the technological changes taking place around us, kids could learn coding but through simpler ways. In order to pass your programming experience over to your students, there are some important tips which you have to keep in mind before you start, such as:

  1. Training Yourself First

  2. Yes, you know how to code and know all about the basics of programming, but it is important to train yourself well when it comes to teaching your students at school. Train yourself on how to deliver the information, how to make it simple for them, how to answer all their questions, and it is also important to choose the way you are supposed to deliver the information through, which will always depend on the grade you are teaching.

    There are different resources out there that could help you in your teaching process, such as RoboGarden game-based platform that will engage the students and teach them to code through finishing missions and journeys.

  3. Make Coding Fun to Learn

  4. After telling your students all about coding and teaching them the basics of coding, you will then move forward to the point of giving them the space to try themselves. A lot of teachers make coding very boring for the kids because they think it is a bit complicated, but there are different resources now that make coding more fun and engaging for the kids through games and activities. When you make coding more fun for your students, you give them the chance to get more excited about the idea of learning how to code.

  5. Code Live with Your Students

  6. It is important to start your coding journey with your students through explaining and showing them some examples, but it is also important to move on to the next level and start to code live with them. This is not just important to see what your students have learned and how they managed to apply it, but it is also important because it will open up discussions which will in turn give students the chance to learn more. For example, when you code live with your students, you will get the chance to answer unexpected questions which you might have never thought about bringing up, students will also see how you correct the mistakes that occur during the coding process, and it also gives you the chance to slow down and give students some time to digest what they have learned so far.

  7. Differentiate Instruction

  8. You are teaching the same grade class, but that does not mean that all students are the same when it comes to their learning rate; some are gifted and will be learning at a faster pace than others. This is one reason why being a teacher who will teach coding needs someone to differentiate instruction and be able to provide instruction, activities, and assessment to at least three groups at various times. Teachers should understand that anyone could learn coding, the geniuses and those who are below average, but they might be kept behind if you didn’t pay attention to them and gave them the needed help and instruction, and that’s why it is always important to know who you are teaching, their pace of learning, and how you could deliver the information in the best suitable way possible.

  9. Let Your Students Learn in Groups

  10. Learning on their own is definitely important, but giving your students the chance to work with peers will also bring along different benefits for them. Working with one another in the classroom is proved to be very effective in the educational journey because students will help one another when any of them is stuck at a specific point, and they will also build their collaborative and interpersonal skills. Coding is definitely one of the things that is considered applicable when we are talking about peer work, because students will come across different problems which they will need to solve, and that is another skill that coding helps in developing.

  11. Teach the Students to Guess and Check

  12. One of the gained benefits from learning to code is being a critical thinker and a real observer, and this usually comes from the way that coders should always guess while they are writing the code then check whether what they have done is right or wrong; to watch out for errors. When you are teaching your students at school to code, you could provide them with a complete code and then ask them to be the detectives and guess what this code will eventually do. Once the students give their guesses, give them the chance to run the code and see whether their guesses are correct or else not. This is how students will eventually become real critical thinkers at the end.

When you are teaching your students to code, it is important to consider the techniques and methods you are going to use with them because that’s how you will make them interested to learn and at the same time give them the chance to gain the benefits that come along, such as being critical thinkers, problem solvers, decisions makers, and at the same time manage to communicate and work with others.

You could learn more about the different plans that RoboGarden offers for teachers and schools to help them educate the little learners here.

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