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Are Coding and Ethical Hacking Related?

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In addition to the applications, websites, and the other technologies that programmers use coding for, there are some other things to shed the lights on which coders should know about when it comes to the things that coding is related to, such as ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, application, or data. How is coding related to ethical hacking? That’s what you will learn more about in this blog.

What is Ethical Hacking?

A lot of people consider hacking a bad thing, which is true, but when we are talking about ethical hacking, we have to say that there are certified ethical hackers who are working with the biggest companies out there and in different industries, such as the healthcare, financial, government, energy, and different others just to help them make their systems more secure.

Ethical hacking is the process that involves duplicating strategies and actions of malicious attackers, which helps to identify security vulnerabilities that can then be resolved before a malicious attacker has the ability to exploit them. This process related to ethical hacking actually helps to improve an organization’s security posture.

Another question always asked about ethical hacking is whether it is bad or good. Is ethical hacking good? The word “hacking” itself is usually associated with the bad actions that are usually done by people who want to access and steal some data and information that they are not allowed to have, but when it comes to ethical hacking, the whole situation is different. Ethical hacking is a good thing because the person granted such knowledge will be hired by a company in order to increase its security system.

Coding and Ethical Hacking

There’s one important thing that students must understand when it comes to coding and ethical hacking; those who are interested in hacking are not required to have coding skills, but there are actually some important situations in which the knowledge about coding will be needed when it comes to ethical hacking.

One of these different situations to know coding before you start your ethical hacking journey is knowing how to modify other coding scripts that you will use to hack into other different systems, and that’s mainly because most of the beginners don’t know how to write the scripts themselves to automate the attacks themselves.

Another situation to be considered when it comes to the relation between coding and ethical hacking is creating your own custom scripts, which those who have already gone a long mile in the hacking journey will be in need for.

Coming to the more detailed part related to coding and hacking, we have to say that there are some programming languages which are used in the world of hacking and the most common of them include Python, PHP, HTML and JavaScript, Perl, as well as C/C++. Each of these different programming languages is used for a specific reason and only those who have learned coding and know when and why to use each of them will be aware of when to use them in the world of ethical hacking.

Important Things to Know About Ethical Hacking

It is always important to differentiate between ethical hacking and bad hacking. Ethical hacking is usually similar in its ways to bad hacking, but it is done to usually tighten up security, which means for a purposeful reason. There are some important things to know about ethical hacking to understand more why some companies hire certified ethical hackers, such as:

  • The difference between the ethical hacker and the black hat hacker is in why they are breaking systems, infiltrating secure areas and accessing data. An ethical hacker will be doing so in order to tighten up the security, unlike the black hat hacker who will be doing so to steal information and data.

  • The skills of hacking are high in demand. A lot of companies are actually hiring them to keep their systems secure, but on the other hand, the bad hackers are also high in demand so make sure you are putting your skills in the right direction.

  • Ethical hackers could actually stop some vulnerabilities before they even start, and that’s a good reason why almost every company or organization out there should consider having an ethical hacker in its development team. This would actually help in stopping things before starting while you are still in the development phase, and this usually goes back to the tricks that ethical hackers have.

  • While comparing between the bad hackers and the ethical ones, it is important to know that ethical hackers are needed in order to find a way to sneak into a system before the bad ones do, and not just that, but they actually might make the process of accessing data easier.

There are some skills which you need to have if you are considering to be an ethical hacker and these would definitely include some skills like computer networking skills, computer skills, Linux skills, programming skills, basic hardware knowledge, cryptography skills, database skills, and of course problem solving skills to be able to determine the source of the problem and find the right solution for it.

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