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Coding is an In-demand Job All Around the World

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Over the past couple of years, coding education for kids and adults have been one of the top topics to come across, and this is not just for the fact that it is a skill needed in the future, but also for being a valuable skill to have. Coding is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada at the moment, not just Canada but the whole world as well. Having any of the skills that these in-demand jobs ask for might increase salaries for candidates and make them applicable for jobs in the technology market.

What Are the Needed Coding Skills?

Computer coding is the language that programmers write in order to give instructions to the computer to function. Coding is an efficient language that programmers use in order to create computer programs, systems, and applications. Since now everyone is working on a computer and using a smartphone, computer programmers who know how to code are becoming more in demand. There are different skills that coding requires and which include language acquisition, innovative thinking, analytical skills, attention to details, and communication.

At first, you might not understand the link between some of these skills and coding, but when you get to understand how the process goes for a programmer to develop an application or a website, you will get to know why these different skills are important and needed.

  1. Language Acquisition
  2. There are a variety of computer coding languages out there that programmers choose to use according to their needs to create applications and websites. From the common coding languages, there is Python, Java, Ruby, HTML, and C. Usually, programmers learn more than one language in order to be able to create and work with different formats.

  3. Critical and Innovative Thinking
  4. Another important skill that coders should have and which they also learn from practicing coding is thinking critically and innovatively. Any programmer will most probably face several issues which he/she will need to solve. To think innovatively, the programmer should first identify the problem, develop a solution, and test the effectiveness of this solution. Sometimes, thinking critically includes choosing the right coding language needed in order to develop a new website or application.

  5. Analytical Thinking
  6. Innovative thinking is one thing that programmers need to have in order to solve a problem, but analytical thinking is another that coding requires because programmers need to use logic and scientific methods in order to start thinking of ways to solve the problem. Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data is considered part of what the programmer or coder should be able to do, and computer coding involves understanding and replicating sequences, patterns, and sometimes equations, that’s why mathematical problem-solving is considered a plus for those seeking a career in coding.

  7. Focusing on Details
  8. Just a simple, small error in a code could crack a website or an application, which is exactly why focusing on the details will always help programmers avoid such errors. Coders should have the ability to focus on small details for a long period of time in order to notice patterns, memorize commands, and identify mistakes that would help in creating a successful program, website, or application.

  9. Communication
  10. Coming to the final important part related to the skills that coders should have is communication. In any team, communication is a must in order for the team members to be able to handle the tasks, solve any appearing problems, and smoothly pass these tasks between each other. When it comes to coding, being able to communicate and explain new methods and suggestions in a clear way will always help in the overall achievement of a project.

Best Coding Jobs in 2021

2021 is almost coming to an end and this is the time when we should look back at the best coding jobs during this year. There are different jobs out there, or careers for technical people to pursue, and some of them could be even pursued by people who didn’t get a degree in it. These jobs include, back-end developer,cyber security engineer, data scientist, front-end developer, full stack developer, game developer, mobile app developer, product manager, software developer, systems analyst, systems engineer, and UI/UX designer.

There are now different places that offer coding bootcamps and courses to help people start from scratch and learn more about coding, coding languages, and start creating their own websites and applications. RoboGarden is offering its Full Stack Development Bootcamp for those who want to pursue a career in this direction. You could learn more about the bootcamp here.

You don’t have to learn each programming language for the jobs mentioned above, but knowing about the basics or at least being familiar with them will always be beneficial. Also, some of these jobs, like UX/UI designer, do not require you to learn how to code, but if you at least know the basics, you will get a high-paying tech job.

Coding is definitely one of the most important skills that you might need to have today because there are different fields that need such skill, even if it is not mainly technical. There are different skills that you will learn from coding or which you might even need to become a successful programmer or coder, such as solving problems, thinking critically, having good communication skills, and being aware of the coding languages. Coding is one of the top in-demand jobs not just in Canada but around the world, so make sure you learn a bit of it.

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