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Games That Improve Adults Memory

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Improving your memory will actually affect several other parts of your life and would definitely make you more productive, not just that, but will also improve your decision making and organizational skills. There are some games that could improve your memory by just doing them for 15 minutes every day, according to researchers, which will in turn help the gray area in your brain to grow and expand. Read this article to learn more about the games that work as exercises for your brain.

What are the Benefits of Memory Games?

Memory games are actually fun to try if you think that your mind and memory need more exercise to work better; you will be playing and at the same time doing some brain exercises that will help your memory. Doing some of these brain exercises for 15 minutes every day will give you the benefits that you need, which will be related to both your work life as well as your personal life.

Here are some benefits that memory games help with:

  • Retaining more information which will in turn result in better performance.

  • You will be more organized even when it comes to places since you will remember where you last placed your personal things.

  • Being more productive with the working memory that allows you to retain the information that you are gaining.

  • Getting better at making decisions since you will have organized information which you already remember and which will in turn give you the chance to make better decisions.

Games to Improve Your Memory

What are these games that could improve your memory? There are different types of games which you could try according to the ones you prefer the most, which will give you the benefits you will need in order to give your long-term memory and working memory the chance to become better and perform better. Some of these different games include:

  • Crossword Puzzles

  • These might be the most famous out there since they require concentration and thinking, and it will always be considered the go-to cognitive exercise. According to different studies, crossword puzzles are considered very effective when it comes to delaying the early appearance of dementia. There is just one concern about this game which is that a person might get used to it and thus could complete it in a record time, at this point he/she should start searching for new words.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

  • There is another type of puzzle game that people could definitely try as an exercise for the brain and start refreshing their memory which is the jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are actually very interesting for both kids and adults, of course with choosing the perfect puzzle according to the age, and one that would engage the short-term memory during the time in which the brain will be sorting through different colors and shapes to complete the whole picture. According to some studies, it is believed that the harder the puzzle, the more effort the brain will need to exert and in turn the greater the reward will be. It was also proved that putting a piece of the puzzle in its place helps in producing “dopamine” which can help in concentration; so the more pieces you put together, the more you will be able to keep going.

  • Sudoku

  • Sudoku is another game that helps when it comes to memory enhancement, not just that, but it also improves other parts of the brain as well. This game relies mainly on working memory in order to be able to memorize the numbers then use logical thinking to start figuring out the next blank. So, one part of this game is helping with enhancing the working memory, while the other part of the game is increasing the person’s ability to concentrate and solve problems while thinking in a strategic manner.

  • Rebus Puzzles

  • Adding to the list of games that any person could depend on in order to improve their memory, there is the rebus puzzle. Rebus' puzzle asks a question and gives clues to the answer in the form of numbers, letters, pictures, and symbols. This game is considered good for the memory as well as the brain power because it mainly depends on the information that the player has and the ability to retain and remember this information in order to solve the puzzle.

  • Concentration Game

  • This is an old game that all the people out there, especially kids, know about and have played before at some point of their lives. Concentration game is all about laying a number of cards face down and then flipping two at a time, trying to match them. This game is very beneficial for the memory and it also helps with retention skills.

There are lots of other games that you could play in order to enhance your short-term, long-term, and working memories and help your brain do some exercises to become better. In addition to the games, it is also important to consider some tips while you are taking care of your brain and memory, such as getting a good amount of sleep, meditating which is believed to increase the gray matter in the brain that impacts memory and cognition, exercising to improve the development of neurons and thus get a healthier brain, and trying to avoid multitasking in order to give the brain the chance to focus on one task at a time and encode the information properly.

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