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Games to Foster Creativity in Kids

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Thinking about the games that could help your child become creative, the top ones to come to your mind will always be games like puzzles, Lego, or things related to art like coloring. These games are definitely educational for your kids and will help them think differently, come up with solutions to any problems they might face, and even became more creative with their ideas, but there are other options or games to consider in order to foster creativity in your child and give him/her more space to think creatively, try, and act. If you want to know more about such games or ideas, keep reading this article.

How to Foster Creativity in Your Child?

Before sharing with you some games that could help in letting your child think creatively, it is important first to tell you some tips that you should consider in order to help foster creativity in them. According to some studies, creativity does not only make your kid smarter, but it also carries other benefits when it comes to intellectual, emotional, and health benefits. Kids are known to be little innovators who could think in imaginative ways that you might never consider, and this creativity actually makes them more confident, open more space for them to develop their social skills, and even learn things better and easier.

As a parent, before giving your child the games that he/she could play and which in return would foster their creativity, you should also follow some tips to help with the process.

  • You should create a special place for them to do their magic and let their imagination work. This could be a small corner with the toys and games that they could play with and it doesn’t have to be a fancy prepared room.

  • Let the games be simple and give kids the chance to do their own things. Whether it's going to be all about creating a castle from cushions or playing dress up with some clothes, or else it will be all about getting Lego pieces, let them do it all without following a specific guide.

  • Give them some “free time” to do whatever they want without any instructions or without scheduling specific activities; let them choose what they would like to do and see how their imagination will work in this case.

  • Help your kids pursue their passion. Just pay attention to what they like to do or play the most and do more of it with them, this will in turn give them the chance to be more creative while doing their own thing.

Creative Games to Play with Your Child

Now you know how to start giving your child the chance to play the games or do the activities that would give them the chance to become more creative, so let’s now check some of these games which we are talking about.

  • Cut and Glue

  • This will depend on how old your child is, but if their age allows them to hold a scissors and cut some shapes or pictures which you could draw for them then do that, this will definitely let them focus on one thing and try to do it as best as they can, not just that, but gluing what they cut into another place will definitely let them think about some creative ways to do so.

  • Baking

  • Mothers would consider this just a messy moment, but actually giving your child the chance to bake with you helps them think more creatively when they try to think about what to add, how to add it, and the amount they would like to add. If you don’t want to bake something that will go into the oven, you could actually prepare a play-dough with them, this will also include adding flour, water, and kneading.

  • Drawing

  • Not every child will have the patience to sit down and keep drawing or coloring, but some have. You should first know what does your child love and what he/she does not find interest in, and if they have any kind of interest in drawing, you should prepare a place for them to draw and color and give their minds the chance to become creative with choosing the colors.

  • Word and Picture Matching

  • Coming to another powerful game or activity that could help with the mind of your child is the word and picture matching. In the first school year, children are taught this activity through several ways because they help with giving the child a chance to think, consider all the options available, think about which one they would like to choose, and eventually come to the final step of making a decision. This is one important activity that helps with fostering creativity in a child as well because he/she might come up with different answers that could still work.

  • Investigation Game

  • It’s all about hiding things in different places around the house and letting your child search for them. How many times have you thought about specific places to hide things but ended up with ordinary ideas? Kids on the other hand might sometimes come up with places that make you wonder how they even thought about them in the first place. This game will also give the child more opportunities to think, decide, and become more thoughtful.

There are different games and activities that would help in your child’s educational progress and there are even those ordinary ones which you might never considered much effective. Coding is also one of the games that is now believed to have brilliant effects for the child and which is also considered a required skill. You could teach your child to code through our game-based platform through playing our activities and missions. You could learn more about the platform here.

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