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Grow Your Business with the Top Social Media Trends in 2021

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Social media has been taking over for the past couple of years, opening more doors for businesses and companies to grow and reach a wider audience. There are different social media platforms out there, and they keep changing and evolving their features and algorithms, which in turn urges you to keep updated in order to keep up with them. There are some trends related to social media which will be taking over in 2021, and you need to be aware of them to help grow your business and adapt to these trends or changes.

What Are the Top Social Media Trends to Consider in 2021?

Your audience will always want to feel that they belong to a real society, a place where they can easily connect and relate to its members, and that’s mainly what most of the social media platforms are trying to do when they keep updating their features. Coming live to talk with your followers, sharing content with your audience, using virtual reality, being transparent and authentic, are all things which you might need to focus your attention on in 2021 in order to keep your existing audience and even attract new ones.

Here are some of the top trends in social media for 2021 which will help you grow your business on the world of internet:

  • Virtual Reality will be Taking Over

  • In 2020 and due to the outbreak of COVID-19, things turned to be different and people were obliged to stay distanced from one another and thus interactions were minimized, that’s why virtual reality started to take over the world of social media and is even believed to keep doing in 2021, because interacting with people through virtual reality will give them the feeling that they are doing that in real, and that’s what they are in need for, since virtual reality will provide them with meaningful interactions while they are staying at home, doing their own shopping or even receiving their own education.

    One of the examples is Facebook Horizon which is leveraging the Oculus VR platform to beta-test a virtual world that allows people to explore, connect with others, and play games.

  • Live Streaming Makes People More Connected to You

  • The whole world took a different direction last year, in 2020, and everything that was meant to be done face to face, turned to the internet world; meetings started to turn to Zoom meetings and even live concerts turned to live streams. That’s exactly the reason why live streaming is becoming more popular since people want to stay safe and at the same time still want to live their lives as normally as they were used to.

    Some companies realized that working from home is even more productive for some people and decided to turn to Zoom meetings instead of going to the office, and a lot of people are now waiting for their favorite band live streams instead of having to leave their homes and attend real parties. It is not just about meetings and parties, but live streaming is now even used by educational organizations and even by companies that just want to interact with their people, giving them the chance to feel that they are meeting in real, that’s why it is another trend in social media that companies might need to depend on in 2021.

  • User-Generated Content will be Needed

  • It is always exciting for a user to get featured on his/her favorite brand’s social media profile, and that’s exactly what user-generated content is all about. User-generated content is the idea of giving your followers the chance to share their photos and videos that are related to your brand or service, and then taking their content and sharing it on your profile.

    This is one of the interesting ways that will make your followers more loyal to your brand, more interested and excited to share their content with you, and in return more willing to buy your products or invest in your services. This is also one of the important trends that will be taking over social media in 2021, which businesses should depend on in order to help grow and expand themselves.

  • Businesses Should Depend More on Videos

  • As much as you will find people who love to read content on the world of social media, you will find those who love to watch videos. As we have mentioned above, people love to interact, and they also love to feel as if they are dealing with people in real, which happens with virtual reality, that’s why people also prefer to watch videos on social media.

    When it comes to videos, YouTube will be standing on the top of the list since a lot of people prefer watching YouTube videos than the non-video social media channels, and not just that, but about 68% watch YouTube in order to make a decision regarding a purchase they want to make.

    When it comes to businesses and videos, we also have to mention that, according to Social Media Today, 84% of people actually decided to buy a specific product after they watched a video for that product online. So, if you are looking forward to growing your business online, you have to make sure that you are sharing some videos, even informational ones, because your audience will need that, at least most of them, and you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible to let them complete your video.

  • Augmented Reality will Also be on the Rise

  • In addition to virtual reality and its popularity on social media, there is also augmented reality which is used on different social media platforms to make the user experience more fun and at the same time real. An example of augmented reality comes in the different filters which are being used on Instagram that help in enhancing the visual content or even in the form of game filters that the user could enjoy.

    The main reason behind the attraction that people get towards augmented reality filters is the fact that it actually makes the real things look better after applying some digital elements to them. If you want to make people more engaged with your page or content, you have to think about providing augmented reality features to them.

These are some of the most important social media trends which every business should consider in 2021 in order to stand out from the crowd. Coding could help you be part of the VR and AR worlds, so if you want to learn how to code, RoboGarden could help you with its game-based platform where you will learn through both ways, blockly and textual. You could learn more about the plans here.

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