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How Could Kids Benefit from Online Coding Summer Camps?

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With the unforeseeable future and the “until further notice” condition which we are currently facing, parents should be now considering online education , not just for the ordinary schools’ classes, but also for the summer camps which now turned to be virtual. Online coding summer camps are still as effective as the ordinary in-place ones, so how could your child make use of those engaging coding camps while they are sitting in their homes facing their computer screens?

Coding Summer Camps

The future needs technological geeks, those who could easily talk with computers and robots with their language, which is coding. According to scientists and IT people, coding is believed to be the language of the future and that’s why kids are now learning it in schools or even through camps. One of the interesting and easy ways that are followed in teaching kids how to code is the gamified learning technique which offers those kids the chance to learn through playing.

Coding summer campsare ordinary camps that mix learning with coding, they mix the fun of the summer camps with teaching kids the languages of programming and at the end enable them to create their own apps, games, robots, and more.

Help Kids Benefit from Coding Summer Camps

We have all enrolled our kids in different summer camps throughout the years, but they used to go to these actual camps to enjoy their summer doing something useful and learning at the same time. Virtual camps are new to all of us; kids, parents, and even teachers, because even if they previously existed, they were not in all the fields and with all the age groups, and kids are considered the hardest when it comes to dealing with them afar or trying to deliver information for them through a computer or any other screen.

There are general things to keep in your mind if you are considering a coding summer camp this year for your kids, and we encourage you to do so, which will definitely benefit your child.

  1. Your Kids Will Try Something New
  2. At this young age, a lot of kids actually have no idea what they want to do in their life or what they might be more interested in, that’s why it’s the right time for parents to enroll their kids in different things to let them know what they love to do the most. One of the things to try is coding since it is considered a skill that will be needed in the future as much as reading and writing. This is one of the ways to discover your child’s passion this summer while you are all staying at home and at the same time give him/her the chance to try something new.

  3. Kids Will Make New Friends
  4. It will start with making those friends virtually through the online classes, but later on, your kids could meet those friends when things go back to normal. There are general known skills that coding benefits the kids with, such as critical and computational thinking, problem solving, decision making, team building, and more, so when it comes to coding summer camps, we have to say that team building is still there and kids will need to work together in order to solve problems and come up with final decisions.

  5. They Will Have More Time to Practice
  6. Some kids might already be interested in coding and this is considered the right time to invest their time in a coding camp that will teach them more about coding and give them more time to practice. Online coding summer camps are not only supposed to teach kids how to code and provide the content for them, but instructors are supposed to be available when needed to answer questions and guide the kids when they reach a blocked end.

  7. Kids Will Learn to Be Determined
  8. One of the important overlooked skills that coding helps kids with is determination, and that’s why enrolling kids in summer coding camps will help them become more determined.

    Determination is the link between coding and learning to understand it, otherwise kids will give up too early. Summer coding camps are supposed to be teaching kids how to be determined to understand the language of programming, which is sometimes difficult, and make things work. It is important for kids to understand that determination will always give them the chance to succeed, and that’s why it is not just important for coding, but for anything they are learning in life.

  9. They Will Be Practicing for Their Future Career
  10. It might look too far, but the earlier they start, the more they will learn and the more time they will have to practice and enhance their skills. Most of the jobs now need people who are computer literate even if their jobs are not related to computers; sales, businessmen, doctors, technicians, and everybody else will need to have those computer skills. To stand out from the crowd and manage to receive a better job, kids could exert more effort and learn more skills, such as coding, in order to settle on better opportunities, and through these coding summer camps, they will be practicing in just the right way in order to get ready for the demands of the future.

Kids are unlike adults, they always love the idea of getting dressed up in order to go out, even when they are just heading for their schools, they love to meet their friends, learn new things, and most importantly they love playing, so when you keep them for a long time at home, they might get easily bored, unless you managed to do interesting and fun exercises for them, or else managed to enroll them in new online summer camps that will teach them new skills or even enhance the ones they might already have.

The online world is now the answer to everything, so make the best out of those online coding summer camps you might come across, choose the one you believe is the best for your child according to his/her age, the things they will learn, and of course the budget you have, and let your kids decide later whether coding is one thing they are interested in or not.

You could check our online coding summer camp for kids 2020 or even Sign up and start learning coding with your kids at home through our game-based platform.

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