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Is Virtual Reality an In-Demand Field?

image shows the virtual reality by using eye mask.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced some changes that are going to take place in Facebook that would be mostly related to virtual reality, which even included the change of Facebook name itself to “Meta”. This brings us to the important question related to virtual reality: is the world really going into that direction? Is virtual reality a field that will be in demand in the future? It is important to understand what virtual reality can change in your life in order to understand where it might be taking the world. Read this article to learn more.

What is Virtual Reality?

One sentence that we always hear when it comes to virtual reality is the fact that you could go anywhere without moving from your place. This is considered one thing that sums up what virtual reality can offer you, but we have to say that virtual reality is the use of computer technology to offer a simulated environment. Virtual reality, or VR as it is referred to, places the person in an experience where they are able to interact with 3D worlds, which is usually done through wearing the head-mounted display (HMD).

When the person enters this 3D world, he/she actually stimulates different senses, such as vision, hearing, and touch. This artificial world makes the person feel like he/she has gone into a totally different place without having to move from where they are sitting. That’s exactly what Zuckerberg is planning to do with Facebook – soon to be called Meta – after he launched the 90-minute presentation showing lots of cool-looking virtual environments.

What Are the Sectors That Virtual Reality Uses Today?

A lot of people are now wondering whether the direction which the world is moving into with virtual reality will affect the opening of jobs and the skills which they need to have. We have to say that it will in some way even if that will take a couple of years to be announced. There are some sectors that virtual reality is used in today, such as medicine, culture, education, and architecture, which have already taken advantage of this technology, such as guided museum tours for example.

There are several other examples which we have to shed the lights on when it comes to virtual reality and the way it is used nowadays. For example, when it comes to medicine, the Spanish National Research Council has succeeded in reducing the effects of Parkinson’s in several patients by applying a treatment that uses VR. In education, the use of VR in classrooms allows students to overcome learning difficulties and better retain knowledge.

VR is also considered a very good technology tool to be used in architecture in order to give architects the chance to show their work to the clients and give them the real feeling of being inside the buildings; it makes the project look more real. This comes in addition to the use of VR in entertainment, media, dining, military, and industry in ways that make the experience fun, easy, and better when it comes to training and making a first impression about the place or the project.

Will Virtual Reality Be a Field In-demand?

People are now trying to learn new skills that will give them the chance to find the right jobs in the future – or even at the moment – because the market is moving in a direction that requires people to have specific skills in order to be able to follow along. Coding for example is now one of the top needed skills in the market and not just for technology-related jobs, but even for some ordinary ones.

In order to be able to pursue a career related to virtual reality, you will need to have a good knowledge in computer science, and this comes in addition to the information technology skills that you will need to carry. Once you have gained those skills, you will need to choose whether you need to go with the software or the hardware of virtual reality, because going with the software, you will need to have experience in graphics programming, 3D modeling, design software, and game development. But if you are more interested to go with the hardware part of virtual reality then at this point you will need to focus more on modern electronics and computer hardware engineering.

Virtual reality will be a field in-demand with the growth we are seeing around us, even the top social media website is now moving in that direction, and there are actually different job opportunities related to that field. Some of the jobs related to virtual reality include a software engineer, virtual reality content writer, UI and UX designer, mixed reality artist, virtual reality game engineer, technical 3D artist, software developer, virtual reality maintenance and support, virtual reality sound effects engineer, and lots of other things. This field will open the gate for most of the job opportunities that we already know about but within this field.

The virtual reality market is expected to reach USD 20.9 billion by 2025 and this is believed to be part of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019. This actually explains why the job opportunities that will be related to the field of virtual reality will be in high demand in the coming years and which also explains why those who are interested to pursue a career in this field will need to learn more skills in order to find the jobs they are looking for.

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