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How RoboGarden is aligned with STEAM?

Looking for a job can be exhausting and boring, more so in some fields than in others. Sometimes the hunt for a job moves quickly, but in some cases, you’ll search for what feels like an eternity to find the opportunity of your dreams. It’s often a matter of persistence and luck to find the right position.

Imagine, if you will, a field where employees are sought after. This industry suffers from a lack of people to fill important roles and stands to need even more workers in the years to come. This field exists. In fact, there are many such fields if you know where to look.

STEAM encourages student education in five specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Thanks to historically low student enrolment in these fields, the five disciplines are taught in an integrated curriculum rather than as separate subjects. STEAM has introduced a new educational paradigm based on real-world applications, and has been vital to the development of these technical fields.

As a direct supporter of the STEAM movement, RoboGarden Inc. has taken great steps to ensure that its platform supports STEAM education. Five specialists are employed to evaluate each journey and other children’s learning programming to ensure that STEAM education is integrated at every opportunity. For example, we can see the integration of math in:
1- What if Robo goes to the moon? journey
2- Need a break, build a snowman journey
3- Introduction to Python journey
as Robo guides students through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.

RoboGarden teaches students how to program while providing them with science facts such as planets’ names, information about telescopes, and more. Many of these tidbits are found in What if ROBO goes to the moon? And Let’s go to the moon back and forth journeys.In Get to know the world in the party and Sense the fun in the birthday party journeys, RoboGarden’s avatar helps children develop a sense of art by teaching about programming with colours with simple background music.

When students participate in activities like debugging code they’ve written or finding more elegant ways to write effective code, they are practicing the kind of engineering thinking that STEAM seeks to promote. This kind of mental work is very much a part of the design process as we test and tinker with our code before testing again. In STEAM challenges, kids design products to solve real problems. Since technology is anything made by humans to satisfy a need or solve a problem, then by a product kids design during a STEAM challenge is technology.

Many countries have turned to STEAM for student development because graduates in these fields are important for the future of society. China, for example, had 4.7 million STEAM graduates in 2016 as reported in The World Economic Forum. India, another academic powerhouse, had 2.6 million new STEAM graduates last year while the U.S. had just 568,000.

RoboGarden is advanced educational platform that supports new and innovative ideas. We constantly seek to improve our efficiency at reaching and educating students. With RoboGarden, you and your students are in safe hands.

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