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Skills Your Kids Could Learn During the Lockdown

this image shows a girl is learning online with a guitar as an activity for fun

The whole world is now locked down due to the outbreak of COVID-19; people don’t go out except for emergency needs, schools have closed their doors, people are now working from their homes, and everything is now being offered online to make life easier. This rollercoaster is mostly affecting our kids, those who don’t have the chance to learn in their schools and should now turn to the second option: online learning. The internet world is there to help and there are different companies now offering free online courses so both parents and kids could learn something useful.

Developing the skills that your kids already have is one important thing, but you should also invest this free time in teaching them new skills, those which they might make use of when they get back to their normal lives again.

What Are the Skills to Focus on?

How many languages could your kids speak? Could they cook? Do they play on any musical instrument? Do they know how to code or even know how to play those coding games? These are the different questions to ask yourself because even though the activities which you might be doing are needed to pass the free time effectively together and to keep their mind working creatively, you will still need something new, something they will engage in and get out with totally new information.

Looking out at those companies who are now offering their services for free, we decided to share with you some of the most important skills which we thought would be perfect for your kids to learn during COVID-19 lockdown.Here are some of them:

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learning a new language on your own is not easy, but it is possible. The interesting thing about online learning is that some places offer their classes with virtual tutors, those who your kids could repeat after, listen to, and sometimes even ask them some questions, so it all makes the whole process much more interesting for the kids. Choosing to teach your child a new language needs some important rules to be followed first, if your child is still too young for a new language then don’t go for it, especially if he/she already speaks more than one language, because this might affect the ones they already know and their brains might not be able to work properly.

  3. Teach your kids how to cook
  4. Those who say that cooking is just for girls should try to follow the recipes of the famous men chefs; they are perfect. This is one important skill that we always overlook when it comes to our kids, cooking is easy but those who don’t have the passion to try will never be able to rescue themselves. Take your kids with you while you are cooking or baking, try to give them the ordinary and most known tips which will help them when they start cooking for themselves; this is not just useful for the kids, but it is an interesting activity to do as well. Cooking needs the right age,so make sure your kids could stand with you in the kitchen without turning the whole experience to a disaster.

  5. Learn how to code
  6. Coding,or as it is known as computer programming, is not just something that students learn in college, but kids as young as 5 years old could also learn how to code. Coding is now becoming the language of the future, it is a skill that experts are expecting it to become as important and needed as reading and writing, so get your little ones prepared for the demands of the future and let them learn how to code. Coding does not start with writing those codes which you might see, but little kids could learn coding through games which will then help them understand how coding could be done with real codes. RoboGarden coding platform helps kids learn coding through its different games.

  7. Play a new musical instrument
  8. It’s always more fun, effective, and interesting when kids come to learn to play a new musical instrument with their tutors in class, but to keep your kids safe during this self-quarantine, there’s the online option for teaching them music. Try to ask your child which musical instrument he/she loves the most and make sure he/she is ready and interested to learn it, and then search for an online place that offers teaching classes for his/her age. The good thing about the internet is that it offers everything to the people and there are also those who already share their talents, experience, and tips with others, so you could also find helpful videos to teach your kids a new musical instrument without the need to enroll them in an actual class.

  9. Bring out their talent
  10. Every person carries a talent within that if fostered will bring out amazing results. That’s the right time to look much deeper into the talents of your child and see what he/she could actually do that could even one day turn them into experts. These might be simple, such as girls doing accessories with beads, boys making shapes out of cardboard paper, drawing, transforming unwanted things at home to useful ones that could be used, there are actually a lot of things that those simple hidden talents could do, parents should just help dig for these talents and help the kids bring them out to the world. Some kids might already know what they are capable of doing and those are the ones who could at this point keep on enhancing and developing the skills that they have.

There are lots of different new beneficial skills that parents should consider , those which might someday turn their kids to famous characters who own their businesses or even those who are famous for the talents they have. The most important thing about choosing which skill to try with your child is to consider their age and at the same time their willingness to do that thing, if they are not welcoming the idea then don’t force it, instead ask them about what skill they might have in mind and want to learn.

RoboGarden is here to help you when it comes to coding, you could even learn along with the kids, you just have to Sign up and start your kid’s coding journey.

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