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STEAM for Kids; Integrating STEAM Activities in Education

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There are different reasons why STEAM education is beneficial for children at school and why parents should learn some of the activities they could depend on in order to integrate STEAM throughout their learning stages. STEAM education is an approach that teaches kids by integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math all at the same time, allowing them to think more critically and be more able to solve problems. STEAM education helps kids get prepared for working in different fields when they grow up as well; let’s learn more.

What is STEAM Education?

You might have heard about STEM education before, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, but later on, arts was added to the equation to become STEAM (STEM+A). STEAM is an approach to education that empowers children to learn through integrating these five different fields together in order to become curious learners who always know how to search for creative solutions to the problems they face every day in life. Knowing how to think critically and creatively and become true problem solvers will help students enhance their soft as well as hard skills and succeed later on in their personal lives, college, and careers.

There are different activities that mix between the five fields in order to prepare kids and make them more able to think and solve. STEAM education is definitely important because it empowers children in the fields that are mostly needed and which they will depend on in their lives later on.

Why is STEAM Education Beneficial?

Now you know what STEAM education is and how it appears to be different from STEM. There are different reasons why STEAM is important for educating kids in addition to making them critical thinkers and problem solvers, such as:

  • The Workforce Needs These Fields

  • Soft and hard skills are definitely important for the kid, that’s why STEAM education is beneficial, but if we decided to look at the bigger picture and see the future, we will need to mention that STEAM education is actually important because these fields are the most needed, so when you encourage STEAM education, you are preparing your kids to succeed in these fields and actually choose them in college and find suitable, well-paid jobs when they graduate.

  • STEAM is Used in Every Aspect of Life

  • STEAM education is not just important for the different skills it adds, but it is also important because these skills are not just used in the educational phase of life, but they are also used in everyday life. They will need science to understand their bodies, they will go to math when they are handling their expenses and budgeting, they will go to arts for entertainment or even for seeing things in a different way, such as decorating homes, choosing the best outfit, or even matching different outfit colors together, and this will also be applied with technology which we are using in every minute of our days, as well as engineering when they need a mind to repair things at home.

  • STEAM Builds Creative Thinkers and Problem Solvers

  • Being a critical or creative thinker and a problem solver is the most important thing about STEAM education for kids. Kids who involve STEAM activities in their education from an early age will always look at things from a different perspective, they will think, try, make errors, and keep trying until they solve a problem after seeing the results. Creativity usually comes from the arts, it enhances the mind to try things differently and gives it the chance to think out of the box, which will in turn help when it comes to solving problems.

STEAM Activities for Kids

Even though most schools add STEAM activities for kids, it is important that parents start the journey a bit early at home. There are several STEAM activities that parents could try with their kids, such as trying science activities in the kitchen, which are not just related to baking, but also related to mixing different ingredients in order to see the effect they will produce. This is important for the kids to understand how some ingredients could actually end up when mixed together.

Another interesting activity for kids is creating art with the materials that are no longer used in the house, such as card paper, boxes, ropes, etc. This is considered a fun art activity that will allow the kids to think about how to use these tools or materials in order to create something out of them; a road for the cars, a small house, or any other idea that might come to their mind.

Such activities are numerous and some parents could even try out the technology related ones in which they will end up lighting a bulb, charging a battery, or getting to a point with simple steps that will amaze their kids. You could also start playing coding games with your kids which will help them think about how to take certain steps and solve problems. You could check RoboGarden's game-based platform and let your kids start coding from there. They will definitely need to think in order to help Robo move and collect items. You could learn more about the different plans here.

STEAM education is really important for kids to help them think broadly and be able to solve the real-world problems which they might come across every single day. Try to start with your kids by doing any of the different STEAM activities found out there, you will definitely see the difference and how they started to look at things from a different perspective, and try to solve problems in a more creative way.

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