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Top Coding Trends in 2022

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Over the past couple of years, we have seen the changes taking place in the field of programming and coding. People from all age groups started to learn how to code in order to guarantee a place for themselves in the future workforce. Parents started to enroll their kids in coding and programming courses to make sure they have the right skills for the future, and even schools made coding part of their curriculum. With all these changes taking place, we should expect more in the future and with the start of the new year. Read this article to learn more about the expected trends to take place in 2022.

Software Development Trends to Take Place

Speaking about the top trends in programming and IT that will shape the future, we have to mention that new technology trends and methodologies in software development will take their place in 2022.

The market has been changing and shifting throughout the years and that’s why companies and organizations have been updating their web and app development to apply to these new rules and thus enhance the user’s experience. The last two years, with the outbreak of COVID19, there were lots of unexpected changes taking place around us, and life almost turned to the online/internet world, which is the reason why companies and organizations have been always expecting things to change in no time.

Since software development is all about coding, it is important to mention some of the trends that are expected to take place in 2022. Here are some of them:

  • The Most Widely Used Programming Languages
  • According to recent data, there are still some programming languages that stand on top of the list, such as Python, JavaScript, and C++. On the other hand, there are other new programming languages as well which one should learn to keep up with the new appearing trends, such as Kotlin, Scala, Swift, and Go. At the end, each developer will choose the programming language that best suits his/her needs according to the project that he/she will be working on.

  • The Need for Cross-platform Development
  • Just think about how companies started employing full stack developers who can work on both front-end and back-end development instead of getting an employee for each one of them. This is the same for cross-platform development that helps support two platforms with one code base, instead of development and maintenance for Android only or iOS only, which reduces the need for additional engineering resources and multiplying the opportunity for adoption.

  • Automated Code Reviews Will Be on the Rise
  • Code reviews are considered from the best ways to improve code quality and that is making automated code reviews from the top trends that have been taking place recently and will still do in 2022. A lot of companies are now including automated code reviews in their code review process, giving developers the chance to spend more time on the features they need to build instead of spending that time reviewing the code. We can say that at this moment, most of the tech companies are considering automated code review as a fundamental part of the software development process.

  • Artificial Intelligence will Keep Rising
  • Enhancing human physical abilities, which is also referred to as human augmentation, is something that has been talked about a lot of times recently, such as the virtual reality that Facebook company is aiming to reach. Even though some people don’t believe that the work of robots can sometimes be uncertain, they still have to accept the fact that at some point, robots will be working alongside human beings and helping them with all the different tasks, even when it comes to suggesting better ideas during sales negotiations. We have to say that machine learning nd artificial intelligence are words that will stay for a long period of time to change how teams develop and enhance their performance.

  • The Rise of Low Code/No Code Development Platforms
  • What are low-code/no-code development platforms? These are platforms that allow users to create mobile and web applications through dragging and dropping different application components and easily connecting them together, which will in turn save the developer or the user a lot of time instead of writing code from scratch. It is believed that by 2025, 70% of the new applications that will be developed by businesses and organizations will use low-code/no-code technologies to build their websites and applications . This is considered one good tool for those who are not even developers to create their own websites without having to write a code which they don’t understand.

The field of IT, software development, and technology keeps evolving and changing with every second of the day, and this is one reason why virtual reality is believed to take over. There are lots of different other trends that you can expect in 2022, but these are the top ones to take place according to what has been happening through 2021 and the years before.

It is definitely a preferable idea to start learning how to code and start knowing the basics in order to keep up with the future and the changes that will be taking place. RoboGarden offers several different courses that require no prior knowledge or experience in the field of IT or technology which will get you easily introduced to the basics and even be able to apply what you have learned easily like a professional. You could learn more about RoboGarden’s courses here.

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