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What Are Coding Bootcamps and What Are Their Benefits?

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Coding is now a skill that not only graduates and experienced people are trying to learn or enhance, but even schools and kindergartens are trying to make it part of the school curriculum, because what does the kids want more than the right skills that would place them in the right place in their future? Now, coding bootcamps are considered the best option for adults who want to learn how to code; they are comprehensive, short, and teach the needed tech skills for jobs.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp is a comprehensive version of the traditional education that is shorter, comes in both full-time and part-time, intensive, and is designed to provide graduates, professionals, or those considering to shift their careers to the tech world, the technical skills they need in order to start their careers in software engineering and other tech fields.

There are two types of coding bootcamps; full-time and part-time. The full-time coding bootcamps need major time commitment since they are more intensive, usually 17 weeks, and usually need the attendance of the student during day time. Part-time bootcamps on the other hand are longer in time, around 37 weeks, but they are considered more suitable for employees and students as well since their times usually come during the night or on weekends.

There are different skills gained from these coding bootcamps, such as Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, UX/UI Design, and different other things. Learning how to code is considered the main reason behind these intensive bootcamps, and the students who graduate from them become proficient in essential programming languages and frameworks, such as CSS, HTML, Python, JavaScript, and more.

Types of Bootcamps

There are different types of coding bootcamps, as we have mentioned before, full-time and the part-time, to give all those who want to join the chance to find what will best suit their schedules. In addition to these bootcamps, there are also those in-person, online, and the self-paced.

The in-person bootcamp means that you will need to attend a bootcamp on a specific time in a specific location, and this might be good for those who will need immediate help from their instructors. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most bootcamps are now moving to the second type which is the online, and this all happens at home on your own time.

Usually in-person and online coding bootcamps are scheduled to start and end on specific dates, giving the online students the option to go through the content anytime they please, but there are the self-study bootcamps which are not assigned to specific dates, giving the learner the chance to start and finish upon his/her own dates and free times.

Do Coding Bootcamps Need Prior Experience?

Are these coding bootcamps worth it? Do they need any prior experience? And more questions are asked about such bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are definitely worth it for those who want to start a career in the tech sector and at the same time do that in a fast and affordable way. There are usually a couple of things that learners should measure the effectiveness of the bootcamp with, such as the ability this bootcamp could secure a future job in a desired field for them, will increase their income, and will satisfy their job needs.

Not all bootcamps require a prior experience, some of them are actually created to help those without any experience learn more about coding and start a new career in the tech world. RoboGarden bootcamps do not require any prior experience, they just need someone who is passionate to learn, and they also provide an accredited certification from Concordia University of Edmonton.

What Are the Benefits of Coding Bootcamps?

With the increase in the number of coding bootcamps appearing around the world, we need to tell you some of the important benefits these bootcamps bring along and which will help you know why you will need to join one if you are considering a change in your career to the tech industry.

  • Coding Bootcamps Open a Range of New Jobs for You

  • The number of tech jobs is increasing every single year, which means that attending a coding bootcamp will give you the chance to advance in your career and take higher roles. In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that web developer job growth will increase by 13% by the end of 2028, and this could just explain how knowing the skill of coding is important in a world that started to deal with it in the same way as reading and writing.

  • Get Yourself Suitable for Today’s Demands Easily

  • Going back in time, the only option to learn coding was to take a traditional university certificate, but with the appearance of these bootcamps, you could find yourself not fitting anymore among today’s in-demand skills and decide to take a new road which is learning how to code. Coding bootcamps will give you the chance to learn how to code in a less time than being a university graduate, with more affordable price, and will make sure you know everything needed to get a stalbe tech career.

  • You Could Do it Along with Your Current Job

  • One of the good things about coding bootcamps is that you could always go for the part-time option which will be online and upon your own schedule, which will in turn give you the chance to divide your time between your work, your family, and developing your coding skills. Also, another important thing about coding bootcamps is that they are not found in all countries, so the online option gives students all around the world the chance to learn with just a laptop and an internet connection.

  • Some Bootcamps Give You Added Skills

  • In addition to the main purpose behind the bootcamp, which is learning more about web development, machine learning, etc. Some bootcamps even make you more prepared for the career world, such as RoboGarden bootcamps that teach you more about digital marketing in order to know how to manage your own business.

Coding is believed to be a skill that brings different other ones among the way, such as decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, and others, so you will not only be learning how to code, but you will be adding more skills to the already existing ones on your way. Sign up and start coding now.

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