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What is STEM?

Did you ever ask what is the best educational approach to teach your kids? If you want your kids to be the next innovators, leaders... etc. Through this article we will introduce the STEM and STEAM educational approach and how to start with your kids through RoboGraden a learning game that incorporate the concepts of STEAM education.

STEAM contains all the same components as STEM, but includes an added “A” for “Arts.” In this case, arts can include writing, painting, hand crafts, and any other application that involves creative expression. STEAM was originally developed in response to the STEM movement so that the movement would incorporate an element of creativity into the science-heavy focus.

A recent study showed that students who study the arts usually score higher on their SATs than those who don’t. If we focus single-mindedly on scientific education without giving a proper chance for students to explore the arts and humanities, students will come away with a skill set that lacks any room for imagination. They may have difficulty appreciating a fine painting or good music. The means to express oneself creatively is practically as necessary as breathing. Many people struggle in other aspects of life, but have found meaning and have excelled in the arts.

Arts reinforce the learning process. Think of working on a research project and then reaching the stage where you must share your new knowledge. The representation of your findings defines your work. Putting the results in a graph or an interactive visualization helps to deliver the information. Determining the best display to convey your results is art! You will find many such connections between arts and science. The two are subjects are intertwined in their relation to one another.

RoboGarden has incorporated the concepts of STEAM education in all of its journeys. You will find missions that fuse the painting the cells in a specific order and color. Other missions require the collection of items that follow a pattern or a color scheme. Colors and visual experiences aren’t just added to the coding experience; they also enhance the student’s visual inspection and pattern matching skills.

In the birthday-themed RoboGarden journeys, for example, you will find missions that use the arts. One mission tasks Robo with helping his friends decorate the venue to help get ready for the party. In another, Robo must choose some types of sweets to share with his friends. You can easily see the variations in the environment’s colors, which puts the leaner in a good mood.

Engineering itself isn’t much of an art, but fusing art with engineering and science is a different and difficult task that promises great rewards.

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