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Begin Your Coding Journey: What if Robo goes to the moon?

What if Robo goes to the moon?

Explore alternatives and conditions on your journey to the moon



You will learn about math operations, calculations and count loops on your way to the moon


Students will get familiar with conditions, while loops, variables, and simple addition/suptraction operations in programming. Practice variables and conditions to solve some math puzzles and prepare for launching a rocket to the moon.


  • Conditions
  • Nested conditions inside Repeat loops
  • While Loops
  • Nested condtions inside Whie loops
  • Set Variables, Increment Variables


  • Journeys: Sense the fun in the birthday party
  • Knowlege/skills:Completing missing sequences of numbers (5s, 10s, 100s)



Adventure 1: Check the sky, is it safe?

Robo will first look at the moon through the telescope. He will use the telescope to monitor the sky and make sure that the sky is clear before he can safely launch. Robo will make sure that the flight conditions are safe, as well as the temperature and the humidity.


Adventure 2: Prepare for the journey

Now, Robo has to prepare his stuff before he launches. He has to make sure everything is in order as there is no room for mistakes here, the journey is long and there is no coming back except after a while. He has to check for his safety tools and personal stuff as well as check the status of the space shuttle and mission tools.


Adventure 3: On the way to the moon

In this Adventure, Robo will have to keep an eye on the dashboard readings and make sure everything is running smoothly. He will have to check the pressure, oxygen and fuel levels for any problems. While he is there, he will take advantage of the beautiful view out the window of the shuttle and snap some pictures.


Adventure 4: Plan for smooth landing

Here, Robo will have to prepare for a smooth landing and make sure he applies what he learned at the space academy.


Adventure 5: Let's explore the moon

After landing, Robo will explore around and take in the landscape. He will have to be careful and avoid falling into any holes or stepping on things. Robo has to keep in mind that the gravity is lower on the moon than on Earth.


Adventure 6: Gather some samples

Robo will have to collect specific samples to bring back to Earth. He has limited amount of space in his vehicle, so he must keep an eye on the weight of the samples. Otherwise his shuttle will be too heavy to go home!


Adventure 7: Alien puzzles

Of course Robo should check for alien life on his way to the moon and back. He should use his telescope to monitor what is around him on his way back to Earth to see if there are any UFOs or signs of alien life.


Adventure 8: Let's prepare to go back

It's the end of the trip and Robo must prepare to go back home to Earth. He needs to pack his stuff and to be careful so he does not leave anything behind. Robo will have to calculate the level of oxygen and the amount of fuel he has left to make sure he makes it home. Lastly, Robo must report to the international space station on the status of his rocket and his estimated time of arrival.


What if Robo goes to the moon?

Explore alternatives and conditions on your journey to the moon

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