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RoboGarden is a fun and easy educational application where users take part in active learning. After completing RoboGarden journeys, well-educated coders will enhance their skills and be ready to apply for the most in-demand jobs.

Following Learning Standards

RoboGarden可以教任何人学习编码。它从基本命令开始教授学生必要的编码概念。 在整个阶段的学习完成后,学生就具备能力进入编码职场, 以满足二十一世纪对编码人员的巨大需求。

STEAM鼓励在五个特定学科对学生进行教育:科学,技术,工程,艺术和数学。 STEAM教育在当今世界中非常重要。










Our Plans

RoboGarden Approach

Learn to code with an easy, fun, and hands-on educational application.

Game-Based Learning

RoboGarden provides an educational platform that is based on different coding games to give users the chance to enjoy a fun educational environment.

Built-In Tutor

There is no need for a teacher to learn how to code. RoboGarden provides step-by-step tutorials on how to play the games and complete the journeys and missions easily.


Quizzes are offered at the end of the adventures in order to give coders the chance to track their progress in the coding journey.

Learning Objectives

Repeat Loop
Robo Simple Movement
Variable Operations
Nested Conditions
One-Digit Addition
Advanced Math
Simple Mathematics
Variables In Loops
Nested Loops

How it Works


RoboGarden walks with you through different worlds with a series of journeys that teach coding from beginner to professional level, starting with the block programming and continuing to professional Python and JavaScript programming.


A great party needs a lot of preparation, and the missions involve getting things ready for Robo and his friends.


Robo chases his dream of finishing college, getting hired by a space agency and flying to the moon.


Robo leads an expedition to a volcanic island in a quest for hidden treasure. Expeditions are a lot of work.


RoboGarden’s hero robot will start getting to know the Ice World by familiarizing himself with the field setup.

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What They Say About Us

With the use of RoboGarden, children and youth can learn the computer languages that professionals use
RoboGarden use game-style environment that builds the concept of computer programming and coding
RoboGarden fill a skills gap in coding and programming before realizing that he was solving a global issue
RoboGarden Inc. platform serves two main objectives that are critical for the future of children and youth
Students will have the coding skills they need to build their own apps and even take on freelance programming assignments
RoboGarden’s “where we are” is very impressive for a company that’s just three years old

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Track Your Kids Progress

We give parents permission to monitor their kids’ progress through the “My Children” page once they add them to their accounts. Parents could know their kid’s growing skills through their score, total missions done, see all the journeys they are subscribed to, monitor each task in each adventure, and know their last solved or played tasks.

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