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Subscribing to a RoboGarden plan

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If you have decided to will start your programming journey, make sure that you are ready to put your skills to work and that you have the passion for learning something new. Let’s talk about the different RoboGarden plans, including their price, the benefits of each one, and information about each.

Once you understand the different plans, you will be able to choose the right plan for you now that you have decided to join us.

The Homeschooler subscription is the same as Learner subscription. You can subscribe from the “Subscription” tab on the profile page or by clicking the “Unlock” button on journeys’ cards, which will redirect you to the Subscription page. If the homeschooler has been redirected to the Subscription page, there will be an extra field that did not exist on Learner Subscription page: Add More Children. Homeschoolers can add extra children to their account while they are subscribing to a plan.

The “Number of children” field accepts only whole numbers equal to or greater than zero. Homeschooler will be charged for half of the selected plan’s value for each child. For example, a Pro plan subscription costs $20. The Homeschooler will be charged $10 for each additional child. Homeschoolers have access to one free child whether they’re using the free mode or a subscribed plan.

Once the Homeschooler clicks Checkout, they will immediately be subscribed and a charge will be put through to their credit card. The charge will include the cost of their chosen plan for all children, plus tax (GST if the charge originates from Canada).

Once you are subscribed, all your accounts will gain access to the plan’s journeys. You will also receive a subscription email and can view your invoices through the Invoices section of the profile page.

Homeschooler can add additional children from the Dashboard page. They can find an indication to let them know how many extra children they can add to their account.

Upgrading your plan

Homeschooler upgrading is similar to Learner upgrading. Once a plan is upgraded, it cannot be downgraded to a lower plan. When an account is upgraded from the Profile page or from the My Journeys page, there is no immediate charge.

For example, if a Homeschooler subscribed to the Starter Plan on January 10 and added three children (one free and two paid), then upgraded to the Pro Plan on January 20, they will be charged on February 10 for: the previous month’s prorated Pro Plan (from January 20 to February 10), the current plan (Pro Plan) for the new period (from February 10 to March 10) for the parent account, and the prorated Pro Plan (from January 20 to February 10) for each child account).

A discount will be applied for the Starter Plan’s remaining period, which expected to finish on February 10 but that was in reality finished on January 20. This discount will be applied for the primary Homeschooler account and all associated child accounts.

School subscription:

School payments are different from Learners and Homeschoolers. Schools are charged once and get access for one year. There is no automatic renewal option even if the plan is charged through a local partner or Stripe.

At the conclusion of the year, the school will be manually charged again. The school can change payment methods at the conclusion of each year. After the school is charged using one payment method, the school can’t upgrade its plan or add students using the other payment method.

School admins can subscribe to a school plan, but teachers and students can’t. To subscribe to a school plan, the school admin can click the Upgrade Now link on their Dashboard page.

So, let’s get coding. Join RoboGarden and start your learning journey today!

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