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Benefits of the JavaScript programming language

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What is JavaScript?

This year, JavaScript celebrates its 23rd birthday. Released in 1995, the language has been gathering developers and contributors around it ever since.JavaScript has been involved in almost every industry that exists.

JavaScript is Everywhere

JavaScript has changed the face of industry on the Internet for two decades, adding interactivity and a modernized look to boring and typical web pages. There are many benefits to learning JavaScript. For example, Facebook and Amazon are among the many famous websites that are built using JavaScript. Accordingly, the devices that run these websites must run JavaScript. There are currently over 3 billion such devices, many of them running different platforms and operating systems.

A Well-Paying Career

JavaScript is a main contributor to the industry surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), which has played a leading role in the transformation of smart homes and remote controlled technology. The average salary of a JavaScript programmer is approximately $110k per year according to reports by Indeed. Salaries can be even greater at times, making JavaScript programmers among the highest paid programmers.

Due to this variety of applications that rely on JavaScript, the demand for JavaScript programmers is constantly on the rise. As you can imagine, almost every website needs a JavaScript programmer. Think of how many websites are built every day, every hour. That’s a lot of programmers.

Strong Community

Another benefit to learning JavaScript is that there are many helping hands along the way. The community of JavaScript developers grows every day, and they are happy to share their insights experiences, code, and designs. The community of developers makes it difficult to get stuck and is filled with ideas and better ways to accomplish your goals. There are nine million programmers out there to back you up, so there are very few JavaScript problems out there that haven’t been solved already.

You can start learning JavaScript without any prior knowledge of programming languages. Its easy syntax and many resources make it very accessible. The language doesn’t require a compiler to execute, so it can run in a web browser without special programs installed on your computer. JavaScript works with many frameworks that can open up a wide world of applications like angular.js, React.js and node.js. There are even graphic frameworks like D3.js that can help you create visualizations and graphs that have animations and interactions.

Game Development

Are you a game developer? If you are or if you’d like to be, it’s time to learn JavaScript, which is used to develop most online games that are played in the browsers. There are several game development frameworks like Babylon and Phaser. Don’t be surprised when you learn that famous game engines like Unity use JavaScipt in their development processes.

Now that you’ve learned more about JavaScript, what are you waiting for? Start becoming a JavaScript expert today with RoboGarden. Register for free!

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